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Anime Audiolog 2013 In Retrospect


It’s that time of year again. Time to look back on the year, recognize greatness, mock the ridiculous, and acknowledge what made the previous year great for fans of anime. In this special podcast, Acostoss, JoeAnimated, and Numberss take a walk down memory lane. Come check it out!

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Kill la Kill Episode 3

Kill la Kill - Episode 03 - 01

So in my last post, I somewhat lamented how the lack of wearing clothes, stylized or not, was at the forefront of the show. It felt up to this point that it was over done and without a higher purpose. But that changes in this episode, in a fairly dramatic fashion. While I can’t tackle this subject with any philosophical dialogue, I highly recommend you read AJtheFourth’s latest KLK post. Her comparisons of Japan’s culture of shame and modesty to this show and Go Nagai is an enlightening read.

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Anime Talk Episode 57


Can you believe it’s been over a year since this show started? Time has sure flown by. But, change is needed. This episode will be the last for awhile. A hiatus is in order to regroup, refresh, and reinvent. I’ve appreciated all the support from you guys. Don’t worry, we’ll be back this Fall better than ever. But until then, feel free to listen to our old posts, or check out the YouTube site. And, if you’re interested in joining on with the blog, and being a part of the new  podcast on a regular basis, go ahead and use our handy form. Thanks again everyone!

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Anime Talk Episode 56

Girl in Headphones Grey Sweater

We brought in the big guns this week with special guest 2DTea. We work through some news, and 2DTea get’s personal with some viewer questions. Come check it out!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: We had some issues with the broadcast, so the audio is choppy. Unbearably choppy. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

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Anime Talk Episode 55

July is going by quickly! We talk Toonami, bluray sales, top 25 summer anime,  and play the game Word Up!. Come check it out!

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Anime Talk Episode 54

Headphones in the Breeze

The summer season is well under way! We bring in a special guest Acostoss, focus some time on Con’s Code of Conduct, and answer 5 hard hitting questions. Come check it out!

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Anime Talk Episode 53

Girl with Headphones SepiaThe summer season is well under way! We talk about the latest news out of Anime Expo, Little Witch Academia’s Kickstarter, and play the Over/Under game. Come check it out!

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Suisei no Gargantia: Going Everywhere, Ending Nowhere


Before this spring season of anime began, mecha anime fans were cheering and rejoicing over the fact that there was to be, not only one mecha anime streaming, but three. The first Majestic Prince, which I have already written about in a previous article (here), has proven to be a fairly enjoyable show with its own traits and nuances. The second show, Valvrave, is a near to complete mess of a series that can be summed up with the phrase: Space Vampire Mecha. It is enjoyable only from the perspective of someone who knows that it is terrible. Lastly, comes Suisei no Gargantia (Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet). Being spear-headed by writer Gen Urubuchi, Madoka, Fate/Zero, and Psycho-Pass, there were many high hopes for this series. As we come to the conclusion of the show though, it is apparent that this hope was for naught. Gargantia’s plot is convoluted to the point where there is no clear direction, the characters are all lacking in true development, and even the overarching political/moral point of the story has been lost.

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Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince: Reenergizing Mecha Anime

[Commie] Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince - 10 [4FF87A93].mkv_snapshot_06.59_[2013.06.12_23.06.44]

Mecha anime holds a special place within many anime viewers’ hearts. Having been one of the most prominent genres of anime within America during the late 1990’s, children grew up watching shows such as Voltron, Gundam, and Zoids. Though once an incredibly popular genre, mecha anime is now a shadow of what it formerly was. Taking its place, shows lying in the slice of life or romantic comedy genres, have become much more commonplace in this day and age. While this is not necessarily a bad aspect of anime, it does leave mecha anime fans rather lacking. This is where Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince takes its place within the genre. Where the mecha genre has now degenerated into a form of show that must compete with the popularity of slice of life shows, Majestic Prince, has decided to go back to its mecha roots in order to try and revive what mecha anime formerly was, a powerful genre about men growing into heroes through fighting in giant robots.
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