Anime Talk Episode 56

Girl in Headphones Grey Sweater

We brought in the big guns this week with special guest 2DTea. We work through some news, and 2DTea get’s personal with some viewer questions. Come check it out!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: We had some issues with the broadcast, so the audio is choppy. Unbearably choppy. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

You can listen to the whole podcast, or just use the handy table below to find what interests you. Enjoy!


0:00 Welcome
01:05 VA Chiwa Saito Gets Married
4:53 Creamy Mami Gets Funded
9:48 Kizumonogatari This Fall?
16:42 Anime Blu-Ray Sales
22:02 Unforgettable Manga Lines
23:05 2DTea Quiz Time!
33:16 Elevator Pitch
59:36 Final Thoughts
1:02:04 Closeout

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