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Kotoura-san 12 (End) – Happy Ending

Kotoura-san Episode 12 - Manabe Kotoura Moritani

[Kotoura-san Episode 11]

After 12 weeks of extreme drama & comedy, we say our farewells to Kotoura-san.  Not before getting some conclusions and giving us a little closure. Continue reading

Kotoura-san 8 & 9 – Here Comes Drama

Kotoura-san Episode 9 - Moritani Demon

[Kotoura-san Episode 7]

Drama is being snuck into Kotoura-san, and these last two episodes are all the proof we need. Can the series transition once again, and do so smoothly? Continue reading

Kotoura-san 7 – Birthdays and Hot Springs

Kotoura-san Episode 7 - Oh my god!!

[Kotoura-san Episode 6]

You have no idea how tempting it’s been to forego doing a proper review and to just upload a bundle of screen caps with the words “moe” or “kawaii” as the captions. Continue reading

Kotoura-san 6 – Natsuyasumi Fun!

Kotoura-san Episoe 6 - Mifune's Mizugi

[Kotoura-san Episode 5]

In my opinion, it wouldn’t be a romantic comedy without a swimsuit episode.  Even for the more humour-driven Kotoura-san. Continue reading

Kotoura-san 2 – Romance Made Easy?

Kotoura-san Episode 2 - Kotoura's breakfast moe face


[Kotoura-san Episode 1]

As Kotoura-san continues with its odd mix of genres, I still question it.  I really like it, but at the same time I’m not 100% sure why. Continue reading

Kotoura-san 1 – Drama, Comedy and Perverts

Kotoura-san 1-7

Suffice to say that this series surprised me and half the damn blogosphere. A wake up call via shock therapy if you ask me, and one that was needed.

Continue reading