Kotoura-san 3 – Heartbreak and Sacrifice

Kotoura-san Episode 3 - Manabe is Wolf-kun

[Kotoura-san Episode 2]

As depressing as Kotoura-san may be, it’s extremely adorable.

Without a doubt this series has become a surprise hit with me.  After three episodes, the comedy continues to be as entertaining and moe as ever.  Though for me, it’s the romantic and personal development involving Kotoura.  It’s a very sad story so far, but it’s very moving at the same time.

Kotoura-san Episode 3 - Yuriko's serious face

Manabe and Kotoura’s budding romances is blossoming rather quickly.  I for one get frustrated with slow-moving romances, so this is very much to my liking.  What does differentiate the romance in this series, are its greater ties to Kotoura’s personal development.  A tie that creates very heavy moments, like at the end of this episode.

Kotoura-san Episode 3 - No Manabe-kun!

I find it very adorable and enjoyable how the romance is being handled.  The over-the-top comedy moments with the mind reading, coupled with the serious moments just works.  You essentially get your moe romcom and that serious shojo-esque development.  They don’t actually work in symbiosis for me, though they somehow work off each other. Manabe might be the glue that holds everything together, for now.  His loveable idiot character makes it hard for me not to like him.  Admiration for any character who continues to have a funny running gag.  Kotoura could be the one to take the centre stage in the next few episodes.  Her karaoke scene proves she can be in spotlight for comedy.

As we see, Kotoura has a past to overcome.  We can assume the central theme of Kotoura-san will be around her overcoming her past.  All of her hardships involving friends and family.  It makes it that much more heart-breaking when she sacrifices herself for Manabe’s sake.  Just because of this, Kotoura continues to improve as a character for me.  Her past makes this decision unsurprising, but in a good way.

Kotoura-san Episode 3 - Daichi's Tease

In the background of the series, the other members of the ESP club and Moritani are building up their own stories.  We got a glimpse of both Moritani and Yuriko’s lives in the past two episodes.  What’s left is to see their own story come out of the woodwork.  I suspect more character development involving Kotoura to push this a long.  In this episode, I don’t know what to make of Moritani’s move.  It didn’t do anything for me.  A little bland.  No worry, since I’m most interested in Daichi‘s part in the story. Something tells me it’ll be quite amusing – he’s a little cruel, isn’t he?

Kotoura-san Episode 3 - Serious Manabe

There’s plenty to look forward to in Kotoura-san.  Employing the three episode rule, it stays.  And for me, it stays towards the top of the season’s offerings.  It’ll be nice to see Kotoura’s development in the upcoming episodes.

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