Kotoura-san 2 – Romance Made Easy?

Kotoura-san Episode 2 - Kotoura's breakfast moe face


[Kotoura-san Episode 1]

As Kotoura-san continues with its odd mix of genres, I still question it.  I really like it, but at the same time I’m not 100% sure why.

One thing I’m sure of, is that Kotoura-san has all the makings of your stereotypical shojo romance; mean girls, bullying, an entourage in the making for the heroine and the knight in shining armour that is the male lead.  Of course in this case the knight is perverted and the entourage are outcasts, but you get the point.

Kotoura-san Episode 2 - Moritani and her mean girls

The twist that the Kotoura-san provides, is that it can play around with it.  Either we get a drama romance because of Moritani’s involvement or we continue to get comedy.  Certainly the ability to read people’s minds takes away from all those romantic moments where characters enter inner monologues, but that’s what makes it interesting.  That and Manabe.

Manabe is still the driving force of the romantic comedy side of the story, even with his outburst in this episode.  It’s nice to know that he can do more than play the role of the hentai prince.  I do suspect that this isn’t the last we’ll see from Moritani.  She could be that shojo antagonist that we love to hate and then pity – shojo romances never let you stay mad at anyone.

Kotoura-san Episode 2 - Kotoura and Manabe's freak out

Also with this episode, it’s safe to assume the mix of drama and comedy is what Kotoura-san is going for.  Even the introduction of the new characters brings that mix of  comedy and drama that the first episode established.  HanaKawa’s more subtle role as the ESP club president is the perfect example of comedy yet drama.  She understands Kotoura more than anyone, so we can expect her to be the more logical driving force in Kotoura’s character development.  A yin to Manabe’s over-the-top yang.

Kotoura-san Episode 2 - Kotoura in tears

There was indeed another character we were introduced to.  The little kid in the glasses voiced by Shimono Hiro was a surprise to me.  Given the character design and Shimono’s previous roles, I was expecting more of an otaku character.  Instead, I was surprised and happy about the more down-to-earth and relaxed character he’s playing.  I can see Daichi (megane chibi) providing the voice of reason.  In this episode he seems more like Yuriko’s anchor and confidante, which could translate to a general “helper” of the group.

Kotoura-san Episode 2 - Kotoura's box hiding place revealed

With some new characters and developments, Kotoura-san delivers another good episode.  Now we’ve established the overall tone of the series, I’m happy to plough ahead.

Final Thoughts: So much moe in Kotoura-san made it hard to choose screencaps.

3 thoughts on “Kotoura-san 2 – Romance Made Easy?

  1. Tzu

    I really like shoujo’s and I’m finding this show very enjoyable. As for the reason, I think I know: it’s the way it adds melodrama and perverted comedy to create a romance atmosphere; simple. How this feelings intertwine trough the epsiode makes you grow fond of the characters very very fast while at the same times makes the episode feel very lengthy. Looking at the order of your screencaps gives an overview of the tones of the episode (and most likely the whole series): happy, shady, funny, gloomy and finally, romantic comedy.

    1. azeriraz Post author

      I like shojo’s also. That’s why I was fine with the setting of the romance and drama. As you said, the mix of melodrama and romantic comedy just works for this series.

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