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Kotoura-san 12 (End) – Happy Ending

Kotoura-san Episode 12 - Manabe Kotoura Moritani

[Kotoura-san Episode 11]

After 12 weeks of extreme drama & comedy, we say our farewells to Kotoura-san.  Not before getting some conclusions and giving us a little closure. Continue reading

Kotoura-san 7 – Birthdays and Hot Springs

Kotoura-san Episode 7 - Oh my god!!

[Kotoura-san Episode 6]

You have no idea how tempting it’s been to forego doing a proper review and to just upload a bundle of screen caps with the words “moe” or “kawaii” as the captions. Continue reading

Kotoura-san 6 – Natsuyasumi Fun!

Kotoura-san Episoe 6 - Mifune's Mizugi

[Kotoura-san Episode 5]

In my opinion, it wouldn’t be a romantic comedy without a swimsuit episode.  Even for the more humour-driven Kotoura-san. Continue reading

Anime Audiolog Winter Plans

Viewers Nyan Here

The winter season is fast upon us. The first episodes of the season have launched, giving us early impressions of what we’ll like or not. And with that, comes choices in blogging. So, without further delay, these are the plans for the staff of Anime Audiolog.

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The Key to Civilization is Agriculture – Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 2

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha  Demon King in Thought

[Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 1]

What really drew me in when I first started reading Maoyuu was its broad look at the physical and social sciences. It looks into politics, agriculture, economics. There is a real intent in the series to teach fundamentals, and the engineer in me loves it. So with this episode, a single minute is devoted to a very important concept in agriculture: Crop Rotation. With this concept, The Demon King will set in motion her plan to change the human world. But why is crop rotation so important? Let me explain.

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Kotoura-san 1 – Drama, Comedy and Perverts

Kotoura-san 1-7

Suffice to say that this series surprised me and half the damn blogosphere. A wake up call via shock therapy if you ask me, and one that was needed.

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Winter 2013 Anime Season Preview!

Winter 2013

A new season is upon us! While the first set of shows has already aired, there are still plenty more to come. The authors of Anime Audiolog of put together a Winter season preview podcast. While nothing really stands out, there are a few gems that we think you should watch! What are they? Come listen and find out! Continue reading