Welcome to Anime Audiolog, a mash-up of posts, podcast, and a weekly live show. Our live show, Anime Talk, is broadcast on UStream, is where we talk about anime and other Japanese media. Each week Aeroblip and I bring you updates and commentary on the latest shows and topics. You can find an archive of the live show on YouTube. A podcast feed, for this show and other other signature recordings, is available in the menu bar if you’d like to subscribe. Thanks for stopping by, and if your interested in being a guest on the show, or joining our blogging team, please email us at: animeaudiolog (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for stopping by!

Joe Animated (Creator)

I’m the blog’s original creator and owner. I started out at We Remember Love (now on a permanent hiatus), but later decided to run my own blog. I am the Executive Producer and co-host of the weekly live show. In addition to usual posts, you may see me talk about my kids (and especially my daughter) and out adventures in watching anime. You can also find me at:

Tumblr: JoeAnimated
Twitter: @JoeAnimated
Anime Planet: JoeAnimated at AP

Aeroblip (Editor, Co-host)

I’m a college student trying to make it in the dog-eat-dog world of anime blogging. I actively started following anime in Winter 2011, and became an active blogger in January 2012. Currently, I am the Executive Producer of the Friday Anime Podcast and co-host of Joe’s Anime Talk. Besides anime, I’m also interested in sports, video games, and anything related to airplanes and spacecrafts (hence the name). I won’t talk about those much, unless you want me to…

MyAnimeList: Aeroblip
Twitter: @Aeroblip

Crazydave(Writer, Pixiv Aficionado, Shipper)

I’m just a normal college student trying to figure out what to do with my life. Like a lot of people, I was watching anime before I knew it as such: Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Digimon Etc. It wasn’t till around 2005/2006 that I was introduced to fansubs, and it all went downhill from there. I watch just about anything, but I tend to stay away from fanservice heavy shows, and lean more towards anything that has shipping in it. As for manga I can’t recall when I read my first, but it wasn’t until recently that I really started reading a lot. Like anime, I read a wide variety, but primarily favor romance and comedy with a healthy dose of shipping. I’m also a Pixiv addict, and so you may see many a Pixiv tweet come from me if you decide to follow me on Twitter.

Twitter: Cr4zydave
Tumblr: MeganebooruYuribooru
MAL: Crazydave
Pixiv: crazydave

Numberss(Writer, Pixiv Spammer)

CompSci student enjoying life. Anime and manga fan since 2006, blogging since 2010. I post the occasional editorial on Numbers and Space. I watch about every genre under the sun, but give my preference to drama, comedy and romance. Yuri has a special place in my heart. I scour the depths of pixiv to bookmark a good picture, or favorite a nice artist. Studying Japanese on the side, occasionally translating obscure manga and doujin. On other days a big music fan and ESPORTS geek. Remember to stay positive, smile awkwardly and make people feel happy.

Twitter: @Numberss_
Pixiv: Likewise

Azeriraz (Writer and Podcaster)

Just a university student from the other side of the world with a love for manga that equals a love for anime.  As far as I can remember, the cartoons I loved most as a kid were anime but I didn’t realise this until 2008 and I started blogging at the end of 2011.  When I’m not being a closet otaku, I pretend to be posh by drinking and eating fine European cuisine and wine or discussing cinema and art.  Ironically my knowledge of wine comes from a manga……….

Twitter: azeriraz
MAL: azeriraz

Sabas (Writer, Sailor, Light novel enthusiast)

After floating around southern Japan for about three years, I’m currently shipwrecked on the East coast. I’ve been actively engaged with anime/manga since 2006 and participating as a lurker/commenter on Twitter since 2007. I’ll try just about any genre but I tend to lean towards slice of life and romantic comedies. I’m constantly trying to get people into things that aren’t popular in the US: mainly light novels and visual novels. I’m also a fan of anime remixes and sharing mixes I find on SoundCloud.  So, let’s enjoy a good story, shall we?

MyAnimeList: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Sabas


I’m a Political Science and Journalism student living on the East Coast. I ended up watching anime around the Summer of 2012 when I decided to watch a few shows that I saw when I was a kid, and everything went downhill from there. I will watch just about any type of anime though my preferred shows are in the mecha genre. When I’m not watching anime, I’m typically playing video games or reading a book. I’ve played competitive games for about four years or so, and it’s become an integral part of my life.
MAL: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/FlightAero
Twitter: @Flightzzz


I’m an IT professional with an interest in cooking, painting, web design, and terrible music. Having been introduced to fansubs at a very early age by my uncle, I later fell into the digital fansub scene in 2004/2005. I’ve worked with scanlations as a cleaner and QC, fansubs as an encoder and editor, and have even produced the English patch of the Guilty Crown: Lost XMas Demo. I am the Executive Producer and Host of the Animinutes Podcast, and sometimes act as a guest on various other podcasts. I am currently devoting much of my time and energy to Artists&Clients, a platform that makes art commissions safer and more simple for everyone.

Twitter: @acostoss
Soundclound: acostoss
Personal Blog: Jesse, Separated
MAL: acostoss

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