Kotoura-san 7 – Birthdays and Hot Springs

Kotoura-san Episode 7 - Oh my god!!

[Kotoura-san Episode 6]

You have no idea how tempting it’s been to forego doing a proper review and to just upload a bundle of screen caps with the words “moe” or “kawaii” as the captions.

As usual it’s hard to sum up my feelings about an episode of Kotoura-san.  Lately it’s made me laugh out loud more than usual, which I’m more than happy about.  The initial shock and confusion of melodrama has fizzled out within the series and now all that’s left is a barrage of random and adorable comedy.

This episodes comedy……..Let me just try to sum it up:

  • Manabe and Gramps’ bro adventures continue
  • Some light Kotoura x Moritani yuri
  • Manabe baka! – Kotoura-chan’s lack of oppai
  • More Kotoura red faces
  • Moritani continues to be the main aho.

Kotoura-san Episode 7 - Manabe force feeds Moritani

I can safely state, most of the above had me laughing pretty hard.  One of the better moments for me was the scene when Kotoura tried squeeze her breasts up against Manabe’s arm – it just summed up the romantic comedy in the series.  It was a flood of comedy that essentially drowned out the ever declining drama in the series.

Kotoura-san Episode 7 - Kotoura's Red Face

Looking at this episode, the drama was almost non-existent.  A sigh of relief followed this realisation, as the series side-stepped one of the bigger landmine’s it could have stepped on.  I was never against the drama in Kotoura-san but I feared bringing back the mother would trigger something akin to the first episode.  Luckily we avoided anything depressing and simply got a quick cameo.

I suspect that Kotoura’s mother still has an appearance or two left.  She did say, “We’d only hurt each other” which leaves some sort of chance at redemption to be seized.  At the very least she accepts a part of the responsibility and a character in situation did have a difficult time.  She’s still the villain in many ways, but there’s hope for her to do something right – maybe like the mother in Usagi Drop?

Kotoura-san Episode 7 - Is it oppai or not

Whilst that was the drama that caught my attention, it wasn’t the only offering from the episode.  What did take me by surprise was the romance drama involving Mifune and Muroto.  It was a brief moment, but a serious one.  The unrequited love (I’m guessing) between the two is often joked about, but putting it in a more serious light really brings more to the romance in the series.  Especially since it went so well with Kotoura and Manabe’s romantic part of the episode.

Kotoura-san Episode 7 - Sad Kotoura

The romance is always hilarious to watch, but I was glad to see something so adorable and heart-warming between the two.  It may not be the best romantic development, although I can’t fault Kotoura-san for it.  That’s just the style of series and it works so well.

All around another good episode.

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