Review Rating System

Here at Anime Audiolog, we’ve come up with our own unique rating system:

Kill it with Fire

No. Do not watch this. Do not recommend this. Do not think about it. Let it die in silence.


This show is incompetent at almost every level. However, this series must have some redeeming quality for us to complete it. We do not recommend this show.


This show had some promise, but failed somewhere in its execution. There were too many miscues that hampered the experience. We would not recommend it to everyone, but there are a couple people who may enjoy this.


This show is in no way bad. It has some good qualities, and the show is entertaining. However, it could have done so much more. There may have been some glaring flaws or production missteps, but the overall experience was positive. It can’t hurt to try it, but keep expectations low.


This show deserves the praise it receives. There may have been a couple minor flaws, but those are overshadowed by the overall experience. If the premise piques even the slightest bit of curiosity, this show is worth the investment.


There is no such thing as a flawless show, but this one is pretty damn close. It succeeds at multiple levels and is definitely one of the best in the genre. The show is so exceptional; we guarantee it will still be praised years from now. It is a must-watch.

Better Than Sex

This masterpiece is a ground-breaker, industry-shaker, and game-changer.
The crème de la crème.

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