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Infinite 20 minutes

Comics. Most western boys grow up with them. America gets excited over their superheroes. Kids in my youth were reading the Donald Duck magazine every week. One of my airport traditions as a child was buying a Donald Duck pocket volume for the flight. I cannot recall a time without comics. Even now I generally prefer manga to anime.

Disclaimer: I’m not as invested in European comics as I am in manga, so please forgive me any mistakes and please point out any wrong assumptions on my end.

The image above is a panel from the yuri short Infinite 20 Minutes and this simple technique immediately grabbed my attention. It features the blurry object of affection in front and our narrator in the back. The blur, probably applied digitally, helps to convey a sense of physical distance and hence an emotional one. It’s not like this is the first place I’ve ever seen this technique being used, but it did inspire me to write this post. Continue reading

UQ Holder chapter 003

Akamatsu, please, all these traps…

UQ Holder ch.3 splash

Since we’re down to 19 pages, it looks like Akamatsu is settling into that weekly grind. Not a lot is going to happen each chapter so I probably won’t be writing a post for every chapter. The same holds for the third chapter, so instead I’ll comment a bit on genders. Oh boy. I remember falling into this pit of crocodiles before. Continue reading

UQ Holder chapter 001

UQ Holder ch1 - Evangeline


It’s here! Akamatsu’s new manga is here! A year and a half after Negima’s demise I finally get to see his new work. All is well in the world. I’m gonna dot down some observations on the first chapter. Continue reading

Summer season week 3 roundup

gatchamancrowds ep3 crossdresser

Good morning everyone. It’s 30C outside (86F) and the fires of the barbecues are lighting up: summer is upon us and we nerds sit inside and watch anime. Each week a different author does a weekly roundup of what they watched. So, without further ado, here’s week 3 (15/07 – 21/07) of the summer season. Continue reading

What makes a Monogatari

My relationship with the Monogatari series is a one-sided long distance relationship at best. As much as I’d like to get closer, the language gap is large, quite large. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get through the difficult Japanese and sometimes I have to admit there will be parts I’ll never understand until a better translator comes by. Unfortunately, good translators are hard to come by and Nisioisin induces translator burnout. To be completely fair, his works are not impossibly difficult to read but translating is another beast entirely. A task I wonder anyone will ever complete. Continue reading

You will (butt) advance – Vividred Operation 10, 11, 12 and conclusion


Some weeks ago Joe (the boss) asked me what show I wanted to blog episodically. Before this I’ve never blogged a show episodically before and I wanted to try it out for a bit. To his surprise (and exasperation) I chose Vividred Operation. The sucker never should’ve invited me to write here. Continue reading

Where’d the budget go? – Vividred 09

Every series has its ups and downs. Lest we lose the impact of the climax, not every episode can max out on excitement. In a lot of ways, the ninth episode is just like that. And as the tension declines, so does the budget. Where can I buy the Blu-rays!?

vividred 9 shinomiya himawari

I bet they put the Blu-ray message on this derp face on purpose (27th of March for v1 btw). Sly marketeers.

Continue reading

Of cucumbers and butterflies – Vividred 06, 07, 08

Saegusa Wakaba: "Apron"


Real life is a killer so this post comes as a three-in-one package. Quite a lot has happened during my absence. Episode six had our obligatory beach episode. Episode seven had bumpy cucumbers with mayonnaise. Episode eight showcased the combined power of friendship. Vividred, what a show, what a show. Continue reading