Kotoura-san 5 – ROFLMAO

Kotoura-san 5-3


[Kotoura-san Episode 4]

Drama maybe central to Kotoura-san, but you can forget about it with this episode.

Although I doubt this episode marks a shift in tone for the series, it’s certainly a welcome change of pace.  No drama, just school slice-of-life comedy with a romantic subplot.  Essentially, this is what I thought the series was going to be from the start, so this was expected on some level.

Kotoura-san 5-1

Moritani has now changed up her role as expected.  Going from manipulative bitch to eternal loser in love, she comes out of her shell quite a bit in this episode.  Granted, this is due to the change of role for her, but it’s still fun to see her as the new joke character.  Incidentally, her new role is just comedic and as far as I’m concerned doesn’t contribute to the romance part of the story.

Kotoura-san 5-2

Whilst Moritani changes up her character, Kotoura doesn’t lag far behind.  With each passing episode she continues to come out of her shell and change.  Be it rolling on the floor, laughing out loud or simply getting embarrassed, my liking of her increases.  She is becoming less tsundere and just plain moe, which is fine by me.  Just this episode, she was so adorable and funny to watch.  The shift towards romantic comedy really did the series

Kotoura-san 5-4

These two characters are the ones to watch.  The others haven’t really done anything new; Manabe continues his streak as the perverted boyfriend candidate and the other two do their own thing.  I’d like to see more from the presidents in the near future.  They’ve remained funny as background characters, but I want to see more from them.

Kotoura-san 5-5

There wasn’t much else to this episode, I could describe.  For now the series is taking a break from the drama, and I’m accepting this with open arms.  I suspect the drama will return, so that’s why it’s important to savour all that moe and comedy – New ED included.  Next up we have the beach episode with some light fan service.

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