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Anime Secret Santa 2014: The Tatami Galaxy


After nearly 5 years, I finally decided to muster up the wherewithal to participate in the Anime Secret Santa project by the fantastic folks over at Reverse Thieves. In turn, I was suggested Gungrave, Princess Tutu, and Tatami Galaxy. The first I had been meaning to give a second chance, whereas the latter two I failed to finish as new anime seasons cropped up seemingly out of nowhere. Being a huge fan of Masaaki Yuasa I jumped at the chance at a kick-to-the-rear to finally finish another of his works. As such, I went with The Tatami Galaxy.

The plot centers around a freshman college student, “Watashi”.. He joins a campus club in search of his “Rose-Colored Campus Life”, to chase the love of raven-haired maidens, and find fulfillment in an important time in his life. He is hindered by Ozu, a young man resembling a youkai who makes it one of his missions to ruin everyone’s love lives. As Ozu brings Watashi hiss level, Watashi becomes hated to the extent that he is thrown off a bridge on the night of the Daimonji Festival. Along the way, he crosses paths with many others with whom he could have grown closer if he had only made different, better choices. In turn, he wishes he could have joined another club, and freed himself of Ozu. “And so, as a brand-spanking new freshman university student, countless doors to the mystical treasure known as that ‘rose-colored campus life’ lay open before him. And the one Watashi chose was…


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Gatchaman Crowds: Summer Show of the Season

[Commie] Gatchaman Crowds - 07 [BFE8C10B].mkv_snapshot_21.38_[2013.09.16_20.25.54]

With the summer season of anime at its near peak, I suppose it’s finally time for me to come out of my cave and write up some articles. This season of anime has been particularly lackluster for a mecha / adventure lover such as myself, but overall, I can say it has turned out better than I first expected. There are a few hidden gems this season that, as the season has progressed, have turned into shining stars. For now though, let’s jump straight into one of my favorite shows of the season: Gatchaman Crowds. As a quick note, I have tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but proceed at your own risk.

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Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince: Reenergizing Mecha Anime

[Commie] Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince - 10 [4FF87A93].mkv_snapshot_06.59_[2013.06.12_23.06.44]

Mecha anime holds a special place within many anime viewers’ hearts. Having been one of the most prominent genres of anime within America during the late 1990’s, children grew up watching shows such as Voltron, Gundam, and Zoids. Though once an incredibly popular genre, mecha anime is now a shadow of what it formerly was. Taking its place, shows lying in the slice of life or romantic comedy genres, have become much more commonplace in this day and age. While this is not necessarily a bad aspect of anime, it does leave mecha anime fans rather lacking. This is where Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince takes its place within the genre. Where the mecha genre has now degenerated into a form of show that must compete with the popularity of slice of life shows, Majestic Prince, has decided to go back to its mecha roots in order to try and revive what mecha anime formerly was, a powerful genre about men growing into heroes through fighting in giant robots.
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When Knowledge is Free, All Will Prosper–Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 3

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 03 Convent at Sunset

[Maoyuu Mao Yuusha Episode 2]

The Demon Kings knowledge has brought prosperity to the villagers of Winter Pass. Her crop rotation plant has made a noticeable impact of the health and well-being of the villagers. But now she has a problem. In order to make her changes widespread, she needs a way to disseminate her knowledge. But just spreading this knowledge wont be enough, she has to ensure that the knowledge is received, accepted, and put to use. In a world with no internet, and a mostly illiterate population, what do you do? You turn to the largest educator of the poor: The Church.

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The Key to Civilization is Agriculture – Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 2

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha  Demon King in Thought

[Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 1]

What really drew me in when I first started reading Maoyuu was its broad look at the physical and social sciences. It looks into politics, agriculture, economics. There is a real intent in the series to teach fundamentals, and the engineer in me loves it. So with this episode, a single minute is devoted to a very important concept in agriculture: Crop Rotation. With this concept, The Demon King will set in motion her plan to change the human world. But why is crop rotation so important? Let me explain.

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Anime Adaptations of the Written Form: A Look at Bungaku Shoujo

This is actually her cameo in Amagami SS.

Bungaku Shoujo

What makes a good adaptation? Does it have to explain every minute detail of the character? Does it capture the spirit of the source material? I’ve thought about it recently with an increasing number of anime being adapted from other mediums. Whether it’s from a manga, a light novel, or a visual novel, each of these shows has to make changes from medium to medium. As an example of these changes, I took a look at one of my favorite light novel series: Bungaku Shoujo, or its English title: Book Girl.

The first animated adaptations of the light novels were OVA’s. If someone who hasn’t read the books, would they be able to enjoy them on their own? I don’t think so, as they serve as character studies and don’t have much plot to them. It’s very specific in its objective. Each OVA focuses on one of the three main girls in the series: Amano Tohko, Asakura Miu, and Kotobuki Nanase. They showcase the particular strengths of the girls; along with their relationship with Konoha, the protagonist of the series. Ultimately, the role of the OVAs is to provide the building blocks which lead us to the movie.

The movie is an adaptation of the fifth volume in the series. The title of the US version is “Book Girl and the Wayfarer’s Lamentation.” It deals with Tohko preparing to head to college, Nanase’s relationship with Konoha, and the return of Miu, Konoha’s first love. The central story of the movie corresponds with the movie is Miyazawa Kenji’s Night on the Galactic Railroad. The movie ties in with this as the story deals with the journey of Miu and Konoha’s relationship. The story and Miyazawa Kenji is referred to specifically in the movie. The final conversation between Konoha and Tohko takes place on a train as well.

I found the movie to be a good adaption of the fifth volume of the light novel. First, it cuts out what it needs to cut out. Taking a light novel and putting it into 100-minute movie means having to trim extraneous elements to meet a time limit. It succeeds, in that it makes the plot flow as it should. Secondly, it captures the essence of the characters. Nanase, in particular, has some very subtle moments that show how much she cares about Konoha. Third, it brings the light novel to life. It’s not the best work Production I.G. has done; but the scenes at the end are presented quite nicely.  And finally, what story isn’t better when Hanazawa Kana is voice acting in it?

What elements are necessary for a good adapatation? It’s a subjective view from whomever is watching the show. Each of us look for something different. What do you look for? Drop a line in the comments!

The Economics of War, and the Price for Hope-Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 1

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha S 01 Standing on the Hill

I wont lie, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha was the show I most anticipated this season. After being forwarded on to the manga adaptation of the light novel by a fellow blogger, I was hooked in a day of reading it. And as with any anime adaption, I watched this first episode with a modest amount of skepticism in the back reaches of my mind. Would this first episode be able to rekindle that same eagerness I had before?

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Looking Back at the Top Mecha Shows of 2012


As we continue our review of the anime of 2012, we take a look at the biggest mecha shows of the year. 2012 brought us Aquarion EVOL, Gundam AGE, Muv Luv Total Eclipse, and Eureka Seven Astral Ocean Posts. I’m joined by Ray of Ideas Without End as we look look back in hindsight at these shows and how good, or bad, they were.

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2012 Year In Review Part 1 – Winter and Spring

Eva Characters in Headphones

As 2012 winds down, Anime Audiolog takes a look back at the year. In this special podcast, Numberss, Azeriraz, CrazyDave, and Sabas put a special podcast together for all of you. In this first part, they are looking back at the first half of the year. You can download the show or listen to it right here in the post. Enjoy! Continue reading