Anime Talk Episode 55

July is going by quickly! We talk Toonami, bluray sales, top 25 summer anime,  and play the game Word Up!. Come check it out!

You can listen to the whole podcast, or just listen to our thoughts for each show as you scroll through. Enjoy!


0:00 Welcome
01:40 SAO on Toonami
6:50 Poll: Top 25 Summer Anime
11:03 Anime Bluray sales
14:02 Questions, Questions
23:45 Word Up!
34:00 Final Thoughts
39:00 Closeout

1 thought on “Anime Talk Episode 55

  1. megaroad1

    Attack on Titan had big opening week sales to be sure. It’d be interesting to see if they can keep up this momentum as the series proceeds. The pacing of the Defense of Trost arc might test some casual viewers.


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