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Anime Audiolog 2013 In Retrospect


It’s that time of year again. Time to look back on the year, recognize greatness, mock the ridiculous, and acknowledge what made the previous year great for fans of anime. In this special podcast, Acostoss, JoeAnimated, and Numberss take a walk down memory lane. Come check it out!

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5 Reasons ZZ Gundam is Awful and should not be considered Canon

This image does a fair job of summing up both the show and my hate for it.

Having only recently begun to watch anime, the list of shows that I have watched is rather low, I believe only around one hundred or so. Yet, one franchise that I cannot get enough of and refuse to ever stop watching, is the Gundam franchise. I grew up watching Gundam Wing and G Gundam, and it holds a very special place in my heart. I love the action, and I truly enjoy the different types of interactions between the characters within the Gundam universe. Yet though I enjoy the Gundam universe, I have to say that ZZ Gundam is one of the worst anime I have watched as of yet. Not only as a sequal to an amazing anime such as Zeta Gundam, but as a stand-alone anime as well.

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Fall Season 2013 Preview Podcast


Welcome to the Fall edition the Anime Audiolog Audio Season Preview! The Fall season is just about to start, and we’re giving you the valuable information you need to get right into the season. We’re trying something new out this year, and we’ve even brought in a special guest. The Fall season has a the most we’ve seen in a long time, so don’t miss out. Check out our preview below!

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Magical Artillery Girls – Vividred episode 04


Desu wa~

My prediction for Vividyellow was a bit off: not a supporting role but long-range artillery. Get your drill hair on. Time to shift to Vector Cannon Mode. Continue reading

It’s docking time! – Vividred Operation Episode 02

Vividred Docking

You know exactly what you’re getting into when you’re watching Vividred and the second episode is no different. A magical sentai super robot show with gratuitous loli butt shots aplenty, transformation and docking sequences, a mountain of yuri? Please take my money! Continue reading

Being Popular Isn’t Always a Good Thing – Outlaw Star 5-8

outlaw star front view

So you’ve just watched a friend die, stolen one of the most advanced ships in the galaxy, and managed to make an enemy of the Space Pirates. Not bad for your first trip in space since you were a kid. But what do you do next? If you thought staying under the radar was the best option, think again. As Gene begins to find out, his his new-found popularity leads to a whole new set of troubles.

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Daddy Daughter Time

usagi drop daikichi rin sunset

Like GL, I’m a father with three young kids, in particular, two young girls. In the last couple of years, as a causal form I’ve entertainment, I’ve taken a stronger interest in watching anime. My only real exposure in the past were shows on Cartoon Network, during the Toonami time slot or Adult Swim. During this exploration of new and old shows, my kids started joining me in watching, wondering what strange cartoons I was watching.  Being ages 7, 4, and 2, they have differing amount of interest in types of shows. But the one that surprises me the most is my 4 year old daughter. Continue reading