Anime Talk Episode 57


Can you believe it’s been over a year since this show started? Time has sure flown by. But, change is needed. This episode will be the last for awhile. A hiatus is in order to regroup, refresh, and reinvent. I’ve appreciated all the support from you guys. Don’t worry, we’ll be back this Fall better than ever. But until then, feel free to listen to our old posts, or check out the YouTube site. And, if you’re interested in joining on with the blog, and being a part of the new  podcast on a regular basis, go ahead and use our handy form. Thanks again everyone!

You can listen to the whole podcast, or just use the handy table below to find what interests you. Enjoy!


0:00 Welcome
01:40 Eva 2.0 on Toonami
3:06 Idolm@ster Movie Spring 2014
5:55 Anti-climatic Kyoto Animation Annoucement
8:33 Little Witch Academia 2 Meets Stretch Goal
12:30 Monogatari Still Got “it”?
23:47 Fast Five
5. Show from this season that you would want another cour from?
4. Best female lead not from Monogatari?
3. Worst show you’ve watched this season?
2. Show you’re most excited for this fall?
1. What RB will be a FF bust this year?
42:30 Final Thoughts
45:00 Closeout

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