Winter 2013 Anime Season Preview!

Winter 2013

A new season is upon us! While the first set of shows has already aired, there are still plenty more to come. The authors of Anime Audiolog of put together a Winter season preview podcast. While nothing really stands out, there are a few gems that we think you should watch! What are they? Come listen and find out!

To follow along with the shows we’re reviewing, you can use the chart at Neregate.

As always, you can stream the podcast here, or download it using the link below.

Download The Podcast Post

1 thought on “Winter 2013 Anime Season Preview!

  1. Slashe

    Great show as always, it’s gonna be a good year.

    Thermae Romae was the rare exception among shorts that received a live-action film adaptation. I can’t tell if this growing trend of shorts would be a boon or a curse to the industry and the fans, only time will tell…

    I concur that Mayou Mao Yuusha has potential if it moves away from boobs and cliches. The “whole war as economics strategy” is a fallacy though, being namely the “broken window fallacy”. It would be a legitimate political strategy though.

    Was gonna make the joke that Manglobe churns out a hit/miss ratio similar to DEEN, until I realized DEEN made Maison Ikkoku, Samurai X and You’re Under Arrest. I mean, wtf? How did they fall so far?

    I just hope Amnesia doesn’t become another Arcana Familga and strive to be an Ouran, but reverse harems are usually very hit or miss.

    Overall, it looks like a poor season for me being a drama fan, seeing how we went from a season of shonen battle anime to a season of dubious comedy. I’m gonna just catch-up on my backlog, any recommendations?

    Did Precure go over well with your daughter though?


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