Looking Back at the Best and Worst Studios of 2012

Kisaragi Chihaya, headphones and a blue bird

As we continue our 2012 Year in Review, we take a look at the studios that produced the shows we watch. I’m joined by Kuroshinko, of  his self titled anime blog. We take a look back at the best and worst studios this year, and give you our thoughts on what studio rose to the top.

As always, you can stream the podcast here, or download it using the link below.

Download The Podcast Post

  1. Intro
  2. Studio with Worst Resume This Year
    1. Kuro – Gainax
    2. JA – Silver Link
  1. Biggest Surprise Studio
    1. Kuro and JA – Actas
  1. Biggest Difference Between Hit / Miss For a Studio
    1. Kuro – Production IG b.
    2. JA – 8-Bit
  1. Best Overall Performance By a Studio
    1. #1 Sunrise, #2 Kyoto Animation, #3. A-1,  Runner Up: Production I.G.

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