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Anime Talk Special – An Interview with Anime Maru’s Kevo

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with a long time friend of the blog, and not so quiet personality in the anime blogging community, Kevo. We had a great conversation on his new endeavor, Anime Maru, the role of satire, and how context is so important. Come listen in!
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Spring Season 2014 Preview Podcast

Welcome to the Fall edition the Anime Audiolog Audio Season Preview! The Fall season is just about to start, and we’re giving you the valuable information you need to get right into the season. We’re trying something new out this year, and we’ve even brought in a special guest. The Fall season has a the most we’ve seen in a long time, so don’t miss out. This season JoeAnimated and Acostoss are heading it up. Check out our preview below!

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AniMinutes Episode 3 – Fansubs

Obligatory joke/trollsubs

Obligatory joke/trollsubs

Fansubs, How They Came to Be and How They Hold a Unique Spot in the World of Television

In this episode, part one of a two part series, I explore the history of fansubbing from the late 70’s to mid 90’s. In the series, we’ll be exploring how it is influenced by the anime market, and how it influences both the market and expectations of the viewers. We’ll also take a look at the unique place fansubs sit in the media world, concerning legality and copyrights.



Download this week’s music from the album MOSAIC by Cocop ft DJ Newtown, remixed by Silvanian Families

AniMinutes Episode 1 – GALAX

In this new podcast, I’ll be exploring different facets of aniculture in bite-sized chunks of opinion and insight. Be sure to check back each week for a new installment of AniMinutes!

GALAX and its Importance in the World of Gatchaman Crowds

In the first episode, I speak on just what makes Gatchaman Crowds so special in my eyes, and describe some of the underlying ideas behind the ubiquitous social network, GALAX.


or alternatively

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Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Episode 4

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 episode 4  Yamato and Saturn

[Yamato Podcast Series]

This week finds our heros making tough choices, while taking a side trip to Saturn for a critical metal and to search out a SOS beacon. No day is an easy day on the Yamato!

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Winter 2013 Anime Season Preview!

Winter 2013

A new season is upon us! While the first set of shows has already aired, there are still plenty more to come. The authors of Anime Audiolog of put together a Winter season preview podcast. While nothing really stands out, there are a few gems that we think you should watch! What are they? Come listen and find out! Continue reading

Looking Back at the Best and Worst Studios of 2012

Kisaragi Chihaya, headphones and a blue bird

As we continue our 2012 Year in Review, we take a look at the studios that produced the shows we watch. I’m joined by Kuroshinko, of  his self titled anime blog. We take a look back at the best and worst studios this year, and give you our thoughts on what studio rose to the top.

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Looking Back at the Top Mecha Shows of 2012


As we continue our review of the anime of 2012, we take a look at the biggest mecha shows of the year. 2012 brought us Aquarion EVOL, Gundam AGE, Muv Luv Total Eclipse, and Eureka Seven Astral Ocean Posts. I’m joined by Ray of Ideas Without End as we look look back in hindsight at these shows and how good, or bad, they were.

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2012 Year In Review Part 2 – Summer and Fall

Four Rabbit Ear Girls

As 2012 winds down, Anime Audiolog takes a look back at the year. In the second half of this special podcast, Numberss, CrazyDave, and Sabas finish up looking at the Summer and Spring seasons. They also give their final thoughts on the year as a whole. You can download the show or listen to it right here in the post. Enjoy! Continue reading