The Economics of War, and the Price for Hope-Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 1

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha S 01 Standing on the Hill

I wont lie, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha was the show I most anticipated this season. After being forwarded on to the manga adaptation of the light novel by a fellow blogger, I was hooked in a day of reading it. And as with any anime adaption, I watched this first episode with a modest amount of skepticism in the back reaches of my mind. Would this first episode be able to rekindle that same eagerness I had before?

The Demon and Human worlds are at war. And this war has left both sides no option to continue, because the without the war, both worlds could fall into chaos. There are limited options for change, so the war continues on. In this setting enters our two main characters: The Demon King (a traditional title) and the Hero. The Demon King is a highly educated woman, and powerful enough to hold her reign in a tumultuous society. Hero is humanity’s hope in ending the war with the Demons. The meeting of these two does not go as expected, at least for one of them.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - 01  First Meeting

This first episodes tries to take a piece of everything that is yet to come, and show us snippets of it. When she gives the overview of the economics of the time, the insertion of the first person accounts adds a layer to her explanation. It also allows us to see the different characters that will play a critical role in the coming story. It adds to the story introduction by giving us something to look forward to.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 01 Iron Kingdom KingI also appreciated the art style chosen for this series. The scenery is drawn in a water color style, with a natural marbling effect that gives even the dreariness of the Demon castle and pleasant feel. One can only hope that they can continue to keep the scenery dynamic, presenting the different countries and continents in a beautiful contrast.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 01 Demon King Hero in Boat

But above all, the story involves love. And while once side of this budding relationship doesn’t know it, the relationship has been in the works for some time; as if it was destiny. They’re relationship will set the stage for the change that will occur not only in their minds, but in the world around them. Their “contract of ownership” ties them much in the same way as a marriage; in sickness and health, for better or worse, they will see the plan through to the end. And in the end, both their worlds will be saved.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha  01 Making a Contract

So what did I think? I think this show started off as well as I could I have hoped. while there is a bit much anatomy focus, the first episode does a great job of setting the stage for a much bigger story. And who knows, maybe you’ll learn a little bit about economics in a not so certain time in our own world.

7 thoughts on “The Economics of War, and the Price for Hope-Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 1

  1. SmithCB

    The true world of the Dark Flame Master.! Coming right after ‘Chuu’ hearing the hero get exasperated was a hoot. They’ve got a lot to do in the next 11 weeks, but macroeconomics or not, they’re not afraid to go with the expressions and sight gags. Should be interesting

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      My hope is that the sight gags tone down a bit. There are quite of bit of things they can do with the original story, without needed all the fan service.

      1. SmithCB

        Agree. Maybe they felt that jumping into an economics lecture would be a bit too highbrow, so they tried to even it out with some comedy. They can’t expect that to work as well as episodes go along and more characters get involved. This setup worked with just the two of them. If this is just 12 episodes, I’m guessing each week will bring them up against a different ruler, human or demon, that they have to bring over to their side, with enough time to wrap things up or prepare for a second season. Time will tell, and I’ll be there.

  2. megaroad1

    After reading your blog I checked this out and it’s definitely a pretty interesting premise. I love the setting and the art style too, so I’ll keep watching. Only thing I found a bit distracting was the Demon Kings cleavage which could have been a tad more modest and still have the desired effect. But I can already foresee that her PVC figure will become an otaku favourite…

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      It does have an interesting setting for the story. As or the Demon King, if the story stays true to what I’ve read, the cleavage and associated jokes get toned down, and it focuses on more story. But, that’s yet to be seen.

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  4. kingsky

    if you read the manga that focuses more on the economic approaches, the decisions and ideas that the yuusha has made is like she is an intellectual from the 21th century thrown into the medival realms lol


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