Review – Hyouka

Welcome to our first audio anime review. As we come across series that the team here has watched, we’ll collect our thoughts with a short review. First up is Hyouka!

Studio: Kyoto Animation
Episodes: 22
Air Date: Apr 23, 2012 – Sep 16, 2012

Beautiful animation.
Great cast of characters.

Lackluster mysteries.
Pacing can be too slow at times.




2 thoughts on “Review – Hyouka

  1. foshizzel

    Woop Woop nice work on this short quick review!

    Kyoto animation FTW! I might not love every series they pump out but damn the animation is always amazing and the thinking scenes sort of felt a bit Nichijou-ish and the whole detective thing was alright even though some of the mysteries were kind of boring to me…I was happy with the main cast because they were really entertaining every week.


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