Psycho Pass Can be as Good As Ghost in the Shell

Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass is one of two shows airing in the Noitamina slot this Fall season. It’s a crime drama set in the distant (but not too far off) future. The story follows Akane Tsunemori, the newly assigned fresh recruit to Unit 1 of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division. In these first four episodes, I am seeing what could be the next successor to Ghost in the Shell, which is the gold standard for future, technology driven, police anime. It combines many of the great elements needed to pull this off.  Why you ask? 

So, what do you think? Leave a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Psycho Pass Can be as Good As Ghost in the Shell

  1. azeriraz

    There is definitely potential here. You can tell the series was inspired by 1984 and films like Minority Report and Equilibrium. Akane does come off too moe, but a part of me thinks they are trying to show her as a naive rookie and not doing as good a job as they could.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Yeah, after watching these episodes, I see a lot of 1984 and Brave New World elements mixed in. I just hope that can continue to explore that. But it looks like they have a super villain to apprehend first. You’re probably right on the naive rookie bit. It makes me wonder if some event in the near future will steal that from her and add some bitterness too her character.

  2. foshizzel

    So what needs to happen is Tom Cruise shows up and solves the case? Gotcha! MAKE IT HAPPEN YO~

    The tech is amazing in this show I wouldn’t mind changing outfits and room stuff with a few buttons and I agree on the service stuff because it really is not needed to help the plot…and Akane is alright but a bit to dumb and moe for my tastes in a detective series >.< at least she isn't a loli right? That would have been terrible O_O

    Good job on the video! Makes me want to try my hand at them again.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      If this show starts throwing in lolis, I don’t know what I’d do. 🙂

      The tech is great. And there are a lot of different angles they can explore with it, like hacking everyone’s avatars and stuff. I wonder what the next trick will be.

  3. Ashoka

    But… but… but… we got to see a topless Mugen and a topless Spike, not to forget Motoko’s well-rounded behind several times in ghost in the shell. So I don’t think that fanservice would really ruin it. Unless they take it to an ecchi level, and that is sort of dubitable.

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  5. Dude

    It has potential and generally looks good but imho I’m not buying it as the next Ghost in the Shell. The one glaring reason for me is visually I can’t buy Akane as an adult. Motoko visually was an adult. The doe eyed 8 year old child like drawing of Akane kills it for me. Other than that, especially the tech, it’s good.


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