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Anime Talk Episode 30!

Touhou Headphones

Welcome Back! We’ve even brought a special guest with us this week, Baka-Raptor! We talk about the otaku social media network, WONDER!, Crunchyroll Comics, anime movies and their affect on the story and canon, and our thoughts on an interview with Henry Goto of Aniplex of America. We even get the chance to compete in recommending the shows from this season that Baka-Raptor should watch. You can download the show, podcast it, or listen to it right here in the post. Enjoy! Continue reading

Anime Talk Episode 29

On Air Sign

We’re back at it again. Great topics and a new game. Come listen in to this week’s show! Continue reading

Anime Talk Episode 28

On Air Sign

You know you never get tired of us. And this week, you get to vote on the punishment for the Batsu contest. Come check it out! Continue reading

Friday Anime Podcast 22 at Desu ex Machina

Hey All! Just a quick programming note. Today, our partners kevo and Aeroblip at Desu ex Machina released their bi-weekly Friday Anime Podcast. This week, they were joined by lvlln (Metanorn) and ToastCrust (Transistor Glamor). They talk about Girls und Panzer, the recent phenomenon Kick-Heart and its big debut on Kickstarter. Could there be a future for it in the anime industry? They also talked about Strike Witches and Ixion Saga DT. Go check it out!

Review – Hyouka

Welcome to our first audio anime review. As we come across series that the team here has watched, we’ll collect our thoughts with a short review. First up is Hyouka!

Continue reading

Anime Talk Episode 20-Video

Anime Talk Episode 20 Guest List

Anime Talk Episode 20 with Min (@lvlln) of Metanorn, Aeroblib (@aeroblip) of the Friday Anime Podcast at Desu ex Machina, and Akira (@Akirascuro) formerly of Moe Fundamentalism. We went off topic tonight, with my guests talking about how they anime hobby and the rest of the life intersects, at work, at play, and at home.