Kill la Kill Episode 5

KILL la KILL - 05 - Trigger-00_22_20-00101

Each week, I don’t know what to expect from this show. It is both silly, and amazing all at the same time. It’s dedication to the theme of textiles and clothing adds just another layer to the story telling that goes above and beyond. And with this week’s revelations, the story goes gains one more level of interesting.

If Star Wars has taught us anything, is that with any great rise of an empirical dictatorship, that a rebellion is sure to follow. The Kiryuuin’s have conquered or subjected every prefecture but Kansai. And one group stands in their way, Nudist Beach. And, what appears to be their greatest soldier Tsumugu, has arrived at Honnouji Academy. But, instead of attacking the those surrounding Kiryuin, he is set on a mission to disrobe Ryuuko and destroy Senketsu. Ignoring the requests of Aikuro, who we find to be an undercover agent for Nudist Beach, he pursues his attack against Senketsu, only at the last moment halting his attack when he hears Senketsu talk.

The rebellion group Nudist Beach adds another twist to an already interwoven plot. We’ve now realized the true motive behind Aikuro’s assistance to Ryuuko. We see an organized resistance to the Kiryuin, with the tool and weapons to fight effectively. And the fascinating thing about his weapons? While they remove the power from a god robe, it revitalizes normal humans. We have a resistance soldier with a tragic history concerning the God Robes. We find that Ryuuko’s father, as a member of Nudist Beach, created the uniform with the sole purpose of fighting back. So what does the future hold for collaboration between Ryuuko and Nudist Beach?

But in the meantime, Ryuuko has learned a valuable lesson. She continually puts the weight of the situation on her shoulders. And because of that, she’s failed to acknowledge those around her as being more that just tools to use in her quest for revenge. Her power hungry quest has even been noticed by Senketsu. But as she engaged in the conflict with Tsumugu, she realizes something important; that she has friends in this world. While it’s only a semi-intelligent piece of clothing, Senketsu is her friend. And whenever she needs her, Mako is there for her. You can almost see that these bonds will be what keeps her grounded as she continues her quest.

Looking forward to next week, it looks like we might get more back story with the student council, and even a battle with a three star. How will Ryuuko fair this time?

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