The Samurai Flamenco in All of Us

Samurai Flamenco - 03 Flamenco and the Moon

There’s nothing so terrifying as feeling weak in the face of something dangerous. To combat those fears, we all internalize something strong. We focus on things that empower us. And to that end, we read and watch stories about heroes. Heroes represent a strength we want to have. The strength to combat our fears, and rise up against the wrongs we find in our world. It’s this desire that the narrative of Samurai Flamenco draws from; the internal desire to rise above ourselves, and be a hero.

You can try to hide it and say that you’ve never dreamed of being a hero or heroine. But it’s not something you can so easily shy away from. I can imagine that most of you that will read this have at some point imagined being a hero. Whether its imitating Superman, being a super genius like Tony Stark, having the strength of Wonder Woman, or becoming a mutant like Wolverine I doubt you haven’t imagined something. And it’s on these childhood fantasies that Samurai Flamenco builds on, both in our characters, and the internal desire of the audience.

Masayoshi Hazama is us. He represents the hero we all want to be, but abandoned sometime in our early teen years. Masayoshi never gave up on his dream. He’s even gone so far to make his dream a reality. He takes the time to make his costume, come up a with a name, and search out crime. Now granted, the crime is seeks out is less than noteworthy, but in his own admission, it’s a stepping stone to bigger things. And now he’s joined by a fellow celebrity, Mari Maya, that also dreams of a heroine (or in this case, more magical girl) life.

Samurai Flamenco - 04 Flamenco Girl

It’s this hero fantasy that draws the audience into this show. Masayoshi is the perfect portrayal of a hero in training. His awkwardness and foolishness represent a true path to becoming a hero. He’s not perfect, not strong, or even particularly bright at times. But he’s passionate about his dream. He has a single minded ambition to be the best hero he can be, despite the warnings of those around him. And his dream is infectious.

So, tell me: Who is the hero that you’ve always wanted to be. What powers would you have? What back story would define you?

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