Kill la Kill Episode 4


With the introductory arc over, it’s time to move the story onward. With no new arc starting, this episode takes an opportunity to explore just how brutal the academy is. So, I’ll take this opportunity to try something a little different, and do a “10 Things I think” for this week’s episode.

  1. I think reminding the viewer that Ryuuko Matoi is strong, even without the uniform.
  2. I think people should listen to the background score to this show. I looked it up, and the music head Hiroyuki Sawano has also done Guilty Crown and Attack on Titan. He’s done a great job providing background musing to match each scene. It’s this little things that make shows so much better.
  3. I think the use of red threads, and in the OP tying everyone together in the opening all but confirms that Ryuuko will have to go through every villain to reach the top, as if there was any doubt. Conversely, Mako is not connected by that thread to Ryuuko.
  4. I think Mako is the comedy relief this show needs to balance it out.
  5. I think Ami Koshizu, the voice of Ryuuko, reminds me a lot of Miyuki Sawashiro and Ayako Yoshitani, who’s vocal tones are so counter to the high pitched moe characters present in so many anime today.
  6. I think this episode’s focus on Ryuuko’s role as the antithesis to what the school stands for was well played. While the school focuses on a “winner take all” and survival of the fittest, we see Ryuuko be counter to that by helping Mako, and their temporary ally Maiko, make it to the top. I think, that while her attitude is counter to the rest of the academy, Ryuuko will grow to be a bit more cynical about who she trusts. She can’t afford to lose her uniform again.
  7. I think the show’s continued emphasis on Ryuuko’s embarrassment will get old at some point, especially since we’ve already been through that.
  8. I think that in addition to Ryuuko  conquering the school and it’s hierarchy, that she’ll dismantle the rest of the local society built by the Kiryuuin family. The luxuries afforded once you get your first star will be distributed to all.
  9. I think have an intelligent uniform in Senketsu was a great idea for a plot device. Just another layer to an already interesting show.
  10. I think Trigger took some shortcuts with the animation in this episode. Let’s hope that’s not indicative of things to come.

2 thoughts on “Kill la Kill Episode 4

  1. megaroad1

    This episode was less impressive visually than some of the previous ones as you point out in point 10. I hope it’s not a sign of things to come.

    I was sure Miyuki Sawashiro was the voice of Ryuuko until you pointed out that it was Ami Koshizu. I love those female voices with lower register than the norm.


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