Of cucumbers and butterflies – Vividred 06, 07, 08

Saegusa Wakaba: "Apron"


Real life is a killer so this post comes as a three-in-one package. Quite a lot has happened during my absence. Episode six had our obligatory beach episode. Episode seven had bumpy cucumbers with mayonnaise. Episode eight showcased the combined power of friendship. Vividred, what a show, what a show.

I think six and the first half of seven speak for themselves. A lot of silliness and a lot of fanservice. Inflatable school swimsuits, mobile suits, tomatoes and cucumbers. The worse it gets, the more I enjoy it. This show is baiting me hard. I fall for it every time and I have absolutely no regrets.

Vividred 07 Himawari cucumber with mayonnaise


The second half of seven and the entirety of eight is probably a bit more indicative of what we’re going to see in later episodes as the tension starts to build up. I’m quite sad we won’t get any docking sequences that don’t involve Akane (Green and Pink please). I do think it’s nice that episode eight shows that the girls don’t have to rely on docking and instead focuses on teamwork as the main driving factor. I always like it when a show does that. Even Akane shows her presence while hospitalized.

Another nice thing is that Rei is getting a lot of screentime. Before I complained about not being able to sympathise with her. Well, that’s still true, but when the camera spends this much time on her you’ll eventually develop a better sense for her. Her scream of frustration at the end of episode eight is quite something.

Vividred 07 Futaba Aoi Vividred 07 Kuroki Rei

Episode eight also gives Aoi a big spotlight and displays her faith in friendship and decisiveness. Attributes that would fit a main character. They’ve done a good job to position her as Best Friend who has drawn from those attributes. Not to mention her duel against Rei for OTP with Akane.


Rei has already used two arrows on this Alone so I imagine the Last Boss will have even more. The Mastermind is not going to sit still either and I’m sure she still has a trick up her sleeve. The preview for the next episode shows a focus on Wakaba and Himawari so unfortunately all of that is going to have to wait. And personally, I like the Wakaba Momo combination more.

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