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Of cucumbers and butterflies – Vividred 06, 07, 08

Saegusa Wakaba: "Apron"


Real life is a killer so this post comes as a three-in-one package. Quite a lot has happened during my absence. Episode six had our obligatory beach episode. Episode seven had bumpy cucumbers with mayonnaise. Episode eight showcased the combined power of friendship. Vividred, what a show, what a show. Continue reading

Magical Artillery Girls – Vividred episode 04


Desu wa~

My prediction for Vividyellow was a bit off: not a supporting role but long-range artillery. Get your drill hair on. Time to shift to Vector Cannon Mode. Continue reading

Charm increase by 36%! – Vividred episode 03

Vividred Wakaba vs Akane

Battle over who gets to keep Momo as their waifu.

Another episode, another main character introduced. This time, Saegusa Wakaba gets to show off her skills with the blade as Vividgreen. This episode didn’t bring a lot of stunning developments to the table, though it’s still a decent episode with the elements we come to expect from Vividred. Yes, that means more buttshots. Continue reading

It’s docking time! – Vividred Operation Episode 02

Vividred Docking

You know exactly what you’re getting into when you’re watching Vividred and the second episode is no different. A magical sentai super robot show with gratuitous loli butt shots aplenty, transformation and docking sequences, a mountain of yuri? Please take my money! Continue reading