Anime Talk Episode 27

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We’re back at it again. Come listen in to this week’s show!

This week, we tackle the fall season run overs in Muv Luv Total Eclipse, Space Bros, Sword Art Online. Aeroblip Introduces us to Josip on Deck. And our 3 questions set reveals something about the two of us. Don’t forget to recommend the penalty for our Batsu Game. You can download the show, podcast it, or listen to it right here in the post. Enjoy!

Download Anime Talk Episode 27

0:00 Intro Music
0:28 Welcome
1:11 New Writer: Crazydave!
2:50 Muv Luv
6:21 Space Bros
10:17 Sword Art Online
14:55 Josip on Deck
19:10 3 Questions, 2 Guys, 1 Minute
Favorite Female Character?
Favorite Male Character?
Who would you cosplay as?
21:30 Closeout
 Batsu Game

2 thoughts on “Anime Talk Episode 27

  1. Slashe

    My goodness… So many ideas…

    1. Watch and critique (pretentiously and humorously) the first episode of FLCL ala mystery science theater style (live-streamed) or blogged (if too busy).

    2. Do the a future podcast or guest-star in a future FAPCast in trap cosplay via live-stream or U-Stream so that Kevo finally can have a real life trap to fap to.

    3. Do the next anime talk as another ani-blogger, parodying that blogger’s style and voice, and responding only to that blogger’s name. Oh, and anytime you accidentally respond to the other host or respond to the chat when called by your original name, you take a shot.

  2. foshizzel

    fufufufu Muvluv! I dropped that around episode 15 because damn that was SO boring, but the robots looked really awesome oh and white haired characters ❤

    SAO I can't stop watching…I don't really like the current plot they are going with aka lame ass fairies and his cousin wants Kirito?! Good job and he only has a few days to stop Asuna from getting married yet he rather participate in side missions with Leafa, but I do enjoy blogging it and making fun of it.

    YES! Joe has to watch Idolm@ster woooooo! Greatest idea ever!


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