Secret Droolers Is What We Are – Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 2

Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe Head Shot

So in a whirlwind, Tsubaki has a girlfriend. But not just any girl, it’s the social outcast that sits right next him in class. As this episode opens, the boys are comparing the girls in their class. Sadly, Urabe gets a failing grade from all his friends. But it leaves him wondering about their couple hood? Are they really a couple? Because they don’t act like it and do everything in secret. And who’s leading who? Is it anything more than just an exchange of drool?

Scissors are a hobby?

Before I begin, ponder this: Think of the gender roles between Tsubaki and Urabe as being reversed. Ok, lets go.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Tsubaki Ueno

So a little over a month as passed in the relationship between Tsubaki and Urabe. Without fail, their routine has been steady. But Tsubaki feels that there should be something more, that they really don’t do the typical stuff that a couple should do. So he turns to his best friend Ueno for advice on what the first thing a couple would do. His response is a simple “hold hands”. Easy enough. So as Tsubaki and Urabe reach the location of their daily routine, he reaches out for her hand, in total failure:

Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe No Hold Hands

Mysterious Girlfriend X Tsubaki Refusal

Failure one in hand, he goes back to Ueno looking for more advice. “Communication. Before you hold hands, you talk about hobbies and stuff”. So as it comes close to the time for their routine, Tusbaki stops her to ask what hobbies she has. “Scissors, I guess”. Scissors? Yes, and it leaves him dumfounded:

"I guess I'm just that kind of girl" #MGX #ani... on Twitpic

Tsubaki is getting nowhere. So he decides to take things into his own hands. As the next day comes and they go to do their routine, he reaches out and embraces Urabe from behind. With ninja like reflexes, she jumps away, and comes back cutting with surgical precision with the scissors, leaving nothing but a cardboard cutout behind him, and stern warning:

Mysterious Girlfriend X Cardboard Tsubaki

Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe No Hug

So what we have is:

  1. Confusion from a lack of display of their togetherness, while the other sees things as being just fine. A needy-ness typically associated with the female stereotype.
  2. A physical strength and emotionless attitude that is usually associated with a male stereotype.
  3. An act in which there is penetration from one to the other, and a fluid deposited. Only in this case from Urabe to Tsubaki.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Look Like a Couple

So It Works Both Ways

So Tsubaki is shut down time after time. In one last attempt he asks Urabe to a movie, only to be told that she’s already busy. Having enough, he hunches down in a depressed state. His reply to her question is simply “am I really you’re boyfriend … haven’t done anything normal couples do”. She reinforces to him that their bond is what ties them, and defines their relationship. So, She decides to prove it to him. She takes him to an abandoned building, has him sit down, and asks him only to promise not to open his eyes under any circumstances. After a pause, they being their routine of her sharing their drool. But this is different, Tsubaki’s heart starts racing, and his nose starts bleeding.  It’s in this scene this scene that we finally begin to truly understand the nature of the drool bond. For it’s more than just and addiction for Tsubaki, it also contains the feelings of the person doing the transfer.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Heart Racing

But what happens if Tsubaki shares his drool with Urabe? The next day, on their way home, Urabe notices that Tsubaki can’t stop blushing. Asking why, Tsubaki avoids telling Urabe about the hot and steamy dream the night before by telling her it’s a secret. In her ninja like fashion, she stick her finger in his mouth, and proceeds to suck his drool off of it. Her face turns a bright red, and her nose begins to bleed. But there is one more catch. She also knows exactly what he was dreaming about! Imagine all the possibilities of exchanging your emotions and thoughts simply by tasting your partners drool.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe Blush

As a bonus, I’ve got one more animation to share:

MGX Scissor Scene 3 on Twitpic

17 thoughts on “Secret Droolers Is What We Are – Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 2

  1. Donnchadh Mitchison

    I don’t think “emotionless” is that much associated with either gender. There is a rational men/emotional women dichotomy that goes back to Socrates’ time, but looking at Urabe shows that this doesn’t really work in practice; her brand of emotionlessness would be just as jarring on a boy. Expressing emotions is crucial to both gender identities, only it’s done differently (crying, hysterical women vs proud, combative men). Stoicness is easier to accept in a man (Star Trek’s pilot had a woman who displayed no emotions, but audiences didn’t like it) but it still marks off a character. A more important gender flip, I think, is Urabe’s social awkwardness, definitely a male trait.
    Aside from that, I think you have it right. Here is a couple who have not held hands yet have some sort of telepathic link: physically isolated, intellectually on different planes, yet emotionally linked at a deep level. That is this show’s special premise.

  2. d1nix

    So far the show was able to clearly explain everything in a rational way, wich marked Urabe’s personality simply as weird (weird as hell, but weird nonetheless), the doll thing is the only event which seems to defy logic (in it’s own universe); which leaves only one word to describe Urabe: Mysterious. Episode one labeled her as girlfriend, episode two as mysterious I’m thrilled to know how she will win the X.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      It’s explaining the irrational, rationally, and acting rational during irrational situations that make this show great. Have you noticed not one mention of an indirect kiss in two episodes?

      1. Tzu

        “explaining the irrational, rationally, and acting rational during the irrational”
        You know, I had been giving some thought on what genre to give to this series, and I think your statement just hit the nail. That just about describes what scifi is about. Explaining in a rational way what is normally not possible in our universe, not necessarily spaceships and stuff. I’m thinking in something along the lines of scifi/school-life like haruhi, or even more awesome, scifi/slice-of-life; in fact, in just two episodes time has moved two months, so slice-of-life might be a key.

  3. animekritik

    You’re spot on with regards to the male-female inversion. What strikes me is that Tsubaki keeps finding out ways to be a good couple, but he doesn’t in the most innocent, non-perverted manner possible. He’s much less slimier than all the boys at my high school, i can tell you that. He wants to advance the relationship for its own sake, not just to get in her pants.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I enjoy the fact that the romance path is this anime/manga is so counter to norm. For example, there hasn’t been a single mention of an indirect kiss, despite the swapping of drool.

  4. foshizzel

    Best MSX gifs of all time! Thanks for sharing them Joe.

    So Urabe’s drool has some “supernatural” powers? I thought that was interesting depending on how Urabe was feeling she can basically transfer those feelings to someone else? And she can find out what you were dreaming about!? That does seem like a supernatural ability to me, but hey that works well! It made for a great ending.

    Best line was about the doll tied to Urabe’s head? So hilarious!

  5. JoeAnimated Post author

    That’s whats great about anime. You can take seemingly normal high school, with normal kids, add one little supernatural or unrealistic plot element, and you can create something new. But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to drool…

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