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Gatchaman Crowds: Summer Show of the Season

[Commie] Gatchaman Crowds - 07 [BFE8C10B].mkv_snapshot_21.38_[2013.09.16_20.25.54]

With the summer season of anime at its near peak, I suppose it’s finally time for me to come out of my cave and write up some articles. This season of anime has been particularly lackluster for a mecha / adventure lover such as myself, but overall, I can say it has turned out better than I first expected. There are a few hidden gems this season that, as the season has progressed, have turned into shining stars. For now though, let’s jump straight into one of my favorite shows of the season: Gatchaman Crowds. As a quick note, I have tried to keep spoilers to a minimum, but proceed at your own risk.

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2012 Year In Review Part 2 – Summer and Fall

Four Rabbit Ear Girls

As 2012 winds down, Anime Audiolog takes a look back at the year. In the second half of this special podcast, Numberss, CrazyDave, and Sabas finish up looking at the Summer and Spring seasons. They also give their final thoughts on the year as a whole. You can download the show or listen to it right here in the post. Enjoy! Continue reading