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Secret Santa Review–End of Evangelion

End of Evangelion Movie Poster

Evangelion is unique amongst anime fans for the wide range of emotions it brings out from those that watch it. Love, hate, confusion, amazement; and maybe all of those at the same time. It’s considered a pinnacle series of the 90’s, with it’s beautiful animation, multi-threaded twisting plot, and controversial ending. If you’ve never watched the original series, I highly recommend it, regardless of what your tastes are.

It’s the ending that leaves most fans in a state of bewilderment. “What is going on?”,What did I just see?”,  are the typical reaction after watching the last two episodes. It’s this fan reaction that brought forth an expanded retelling of the ending found in the movie The End of Evangelion. Episodes 25 and 26, combined together, along with additional scenes, work to bring a small amount of closure to the fans of the series. But let’s be honest, it just continues  where it left off it in messing with our heads.

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Eureka Seven AO Mark I

[Eureka SeveN AO 01 “Born Slippy”]

There are a lot of different angles to the story in this show. They have not been afraid to just keep throwing things at the audience, with little to no regard to its place in the story and why it fits. Now, I don’t mind when there is a little suspense. The story shouldn’t reveal all its secrets right away.  But I’m beginning to feel like there is a growing disconnect between what I’m seeing on the screen, and why I should care.

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