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Anime Talk Episode 13 – Audio

Anime Talk Episode 13

Anime Guest Panel Episode 13

Special thanks to Flomu for this weeks opening sound bite.

Brought in a couple newbs this week. I had:

We discussed anime cliches that just need to go away, the role of philosophy in anime, and the surge in light novel and visual novel adaptations.

My apologies to the guests this week. I had a noise issue early in the episode, that messed with about a minute of audio.

Anime Talk Episode 12 – Audio

Anime Talk Episode 12

Anime Talk Episode 12 Guests

Rolling on with more great stuff. I was joined by:

Great dialog, as we talked about the importance of music in anime, Japanese satire and comedy and it’s transference to a Western Audience, and given all the resources at your disposal, what Anime would you create. Viewer questions were taken at the end.

Anime Talk Episode 4 – Audio only

Anime Talk Episode 4

This week, we had special guests:

Foshizzle from Metanorn

Lvlln from Metanorn

Akira from Moe Fundamentalism

Anime Talk Episode 4 Guests