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All Good Things… Eureka Seven Astral Ocean 23 and 24 END

Eureka Seven AO Nirvash and Nirvash Neo
After what seemed like an eternity, this week brought us the conclusion the Eureka Seven Astral Ocean. This sequel, which in being set in the past felt like a prequel, was not without it’s faults. Most of us that were Eureka Seven fans came in with high expectations. And rightly so. Eureka Seven was, over the course of 50 episodes, a balanced and beautiful show. Growth and conflict, aliens and mecha, love and loss, a hero rescuing the damsel; this show had it all.

AO was a chance to continue this legacy. A chance to invigorate the fan base once again, and bring a new audience into the fold. And with it’s first four episodes, it did that. Sure, it left us with some questions, and made us wonder what was going on. But the potential was there. But as we worked our way through the series, more things were, seemingly randomly, thrown our way. And all we could think was, “Bones won’t do that to us”. And with this last hiatus, my thoughts were, “here is a chance for Bones to finish this the right way”.

Quite frankly, it sucks to be disappointed this way.

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Forgotten Truths-Eureka seveN AO Episode 19

Eureka Seven AO Secret Head

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 18]

Yes, I know I’m a week late. Between family and work, life has gotten busy this Fall. But honestly, that’s no excuse. I guess the reason I’m really late is an indication of my growing frustration with this show. And this week’s episode, with it’s shotgun approach to unraveling mysteries and creating new ones, was almost a letdown. It was utterly anticlimactic.  And why do I think that?

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When Secret’s Tell Truths-Eureka seveN AO Episode 15

Eureka Seven AO Main Cast

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 14]

If there is anything Astral Ocean does better than It’s predecessor, is that it keeps the story moving. For the last month, the quick pace has brought us into the thick of the story without so much as a pause. And as we move from one revelation to the next, it’s now the Secret’s turn to begin revealing their story. What truth’s will Eureka seveN show us this week?

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I’ll Show You(But You Knew I’d Do That)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 8

Eureka Seven AO Fleur AO Walking Proudly

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 7]

Truth has left, and life at Generation Bleu is returning to normal. Much to the frustration of Ao, they wont be chasing after him to find Naru, and figure out what Truth really is. Thankfully this week, the writing and directing decided to keep th focus narrow. And interestingly enough, we get to see just how our young pilots family’s, and especially their fathers, play into who they are and why they do what they do.

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Why Are You Here?(Get It Together)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 5

Eureka Seven AO Ao Pilot

[You Want a Piece of Me? – Eureka seveN AO Episode 4]

Generation Bleu. What exactly are they? Why do they work independent of the governments to combat the Scub Coral and Secrets? As the Ao and the Triton return to Switzerland to the home of Generation Bleu, we get to see a little more of the operation and people who make Generation Bleu go. But what about Ao? Is this where he belongs, did he make the right choice?  This week, the series continues it’s moderate pace as we get to tag along as Ao get familiarized with his new life. Let’s see what interesting tidbits this week has to offer.

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You Want a Piece of Me? – Eureka seveN AO Episode 4

Eureka Seven AO Elena Peoples Smile

[Keep Hating Me (But I’ll Protect You Anyway) – Eureka 7 AO Episode 3]

So the opening arc comes to an end. You know I like my four episode opening structures. While this one isn’t as in your face as most shows, it does introduces us to a large scope of the world in which the show takes place. Through these last four episodes, we have encountered a range of people and politics, that at some point, will play into our protagonists decisions. And on that note, let’s look into what this week has brought us.

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