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Infinite 20 minutes

Comics. Most western boys grow up with them. America gets excited over their superheroes. Kids in my youth were reading the Donald Duck magazine every week. One of my airport traditions as a child was buying a Donald Duck pocket volume for the flight. I cannot recall a time without comics. Even now I generally prefer manga to anime.

Disclaimer: I’m not as invested in European comics as I am in manga, so please forgive me any mistakes and please point out any wrong assumptions on my end.

The image above is a panel from the yuri short Infinite 20 Minutes and this simple technique immediately grabbed my attention. It features the blurry object of affection in front and our narrator in the back. The blur, probably applied digitally, helps to convey a sense of physical distance and hence an emotional one. It’s not like this is the first place I’ve ever seen this technique being used, but it did inspire me to write this post. Continue reading