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The Eureka Seven AO Ending We’ve All Been Waiting For

Eureka Seven AO Main Cast

[UPDATE: This is just a preview, you can find my thoughts on the finale here]

The fated time has arrived. At long last, the conclusion to Eureka Seven AO is set to air this coming week. The three weeks off for the Olympics forced a two month delay to end this series. And after leaving on a cliff hanger, we’ve had been left to wonder just what Bones has in store for us. What will the conclusion bring? Will the timeline be set right? Will Renton rescue both Eureka and Ao? But before we get to that, lets recap what we’ve seen so far.

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When Worlds Collide-Eureka seveN AO Episode 14

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[Eureka seveN Ao Episode 13]

Shock and awe. An old military term, that aptly applies to the last three weeks. Like a Blitzkrieg, it has been a rolled through the audience with hit after hit of revelation and hints.  This week caps off attack, as the conclusion to the appearance of Eureka and the fight with Truth comes to an end.

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Who’s the Pied Piper? – Eureka Seven AO Episode 10

Eureka Seven AO Nirvash Ivica

[Eureka Seven AO Episode 9]

A big thanks to Ghostlightning for filling in last week. And after a week’s hiatus, AO is back.  And Pied Piper of Generation Bleu is on the offensive against another Secret in the American Southwest. And as a breath of fresh air, we start to get some back story on the leaders of Pied Piper Ivica and Rebecca. And while Ao goes through a bout of schizophrenic heroism, we learn  some of the details behind Ivica Tanović, and what motivates him. And as he leads the crew of the Triton, as it’s captain and father figure, is it really him that plays the flute of Pied Piper?

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What is going on?(Truth is stranger than fiction or, Acperience 4)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 7

Eureak Seven AO Truth and Microphone

[Can’t Stop Going(when Truth is out there)]

To be honest, this episode left me a little lost for words. There was so much happening, with a sense of explanation and exposition. I really didn’t know where to begin. This episode begins at the moment the last one left off, with Truth walking into Generation Bleu headquarters. As was made apparent in the last episode, his power is like nothing seen yet, and Generation Bleu can do nothing to stop him. But what is he doing there, and what his he searching for? This episode takes us down the rabbit hole further.

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Why Are You Here?(Get It Together)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 5

Eureka Seven AO Ao Pilot

[You Want a Piece of Me? – Eureka seveN AO Episode 4]

Generation Bleu. What exactly are they? Why do they work independent of the governments to combat the Scub Coral and Secrets? As the Ao and the Triton return to Switzerland to the home of Generation Bleu, we get to see a little more of the operation and people who make Generation Bleu go. But what about Ao? Is this where he belongs, did he make the right choice?  This week, the series continues it’s moderate pace as we get to tag along as Ao get familiarized with his new life. Let’s see what interesting tidbits this week has to offer.

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You Want a Piece of Me? – Eureka seveN AO Episode 4

Eureka Seven AO Elena Peoples Smile

[Keep Hating Me (But I’ll Protect You Anyway) – Eureka 7 AO Episode 3]

So the opening arc comes to an end. You know I like my four episode opening structures. While this one isn’t as in your face as most shows, it does introduces us to a large scope of the world in which the show takes place. Through these last four episodes, we have encountered a range of people and politics, that at some point, will play into our protagonists decisions. And on that note, let’s look into what this week has brought us.

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