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UQ Holder chapter 003

Akamatsu, please, all these traps…

UQ Holder ch.3 splash

Since we’re down to 19 pages, it looks like Akamatsu is settling into that weekly grind. Not a lot is going to happen each chapter so I probably won’t be writing a post for every chapter. The same holds for the third chapter, so instead I’ll comment a bit on genders. Oh boy. I remember falling into this pit of crocodiles before. Continue reading

UQ Holder chapter 001

UQ Holder ch1 - Evangeline


It’s here! Akamatsu’s new manga is here! A year and a half after Negima’s demise I finally get to see his new work. All is well in the world. I’m gonna dot down some observations on the first chapter. Continue reading

Rereading Negima: a foreword

Negima class

It would be nothing short of an understatement to say that Akamatsu Ken’s Mahou Sensei Negima has been one of the most influential manga to me. One of the first manga I ever picked up back in 2006, I stuck by until its conclusion six years later in 2012. An epic tale of friendship, magic, battles and love. Negima is a crowd pleaser in a lot of ways, yet goes by undetected to many. Its uncrediting synopsis and ecchi inclination scares (attracts?) the masses and the first few volumes smell too much like Love Hina. But there’s an incredible series that lies beyond that and I want to take you with me to see it for yourself. I want to show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Continue reading