Kill la Kill Episode 8

Kill la Kill - 08 Disciplinary Club President

In most anime schools, the disciplinary committee gets a bad rap. An unmovable force for the rules, they seldom show compassion in the face of a wavering belief in justice. But we learn something interesting this week, as Ryuuko encounters Ira Gamagoori, the head of the disciplinary committee.

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Kill la Kill Episode 7

Kill la Kill - 07 Face Off

If there is anything gambling in Vegas has taught me, is that there is no gaming the system. There’s a reason the casino’s, and the businesses that own them, are filthy rich. You just can beat the house at their game, with their rules. Unfortunately for our protagonists, it’s a lesson they have yet to learn. When playing against the house, you can’t follow their rules if you expect to come out on top.

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Kill la Kill Episode 6

[Commie] Kill la Kill - 06 [C38322F2].mkv-00_13_55-00099

Sorry for the long drought between posts. I’ve been out of my normal routines because of work, and I’m just now catching up on this season. I’ve been able to avoid spoilers on this show, so what I write may be a bit out of date, at least it’s free from knowing what’s coming next. Thanks for sticking with us!

Ryuuko is having a bad week. In our last episode, she was man handled by the soldier from Nudist Beach, Tsumugu. And as she comes to find out, the teacher that’s been helping her is also associated with this rebellion. But her ignorance of the what’s going on in, and around Honnouji Academy. Her only answer is to keep fighting to get stronger. But as her latest battle teaches her, that path is much harder than she thinks.

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Ramblings about comics

Infinite 20 minutes

Comics. Most western boys grow up with them. America gets excited over their superheroes. Kids in my youth were reading the Donald Duck magazine every week. One of my airport traditions as a child was buying a Donald Duck pocket volume for the flight. I cannot recall a time without comics. Even now I generally prefer manga to anime.

Disclaimer: I’m not as invested in European comics as I am in manga, so please forgive me any mistakes and please point out any wrong assumptions on my end.

The image above is a panel from the yuri short Infinite 20 Minutes and this simple technique immediately grabbed my attention. It features the blurry object of affection in front and our narrator in the back. The blur, probably applied digitally, helps to convey a sense of physical distance and hence an emotional one. It’s not like this is the first place I’ve ever seen this technique being used, but it did inspire me to write this post. Continue reading

The Samurai Flamenco in All of Us

Samurai Flamenco - 03 Flamenco and the Moon

There’s nothing so terrifying as feeling weak in the face of something dangerous. To combat those fears, we all internalize something strong. We focus on things that empower us. And to that end, we read and watch stories about heroes. Heroes represent a strength we want to have. The strength to combat our fears, and rise up against the wrongs we find in our world. It’s this desire that the narrative of Samurai Flamenco draws from; the internal desire to rise above ourselves, and be a hero.

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Kill la Kill Episode 5

KILL la KILL - 05 - Trigger-00_22_20-00101

Each week, I don’t know what to expect from this show. It is both silly, and amazing all at the same time. It’s dedication to the theme of textiles and clothing adds just another layer to the story telling that goes above and beyond. And with this week’s revelations, the story goes gains one more level of interesting.

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Kill la Kill Episode 4


With the introductory arc over, it’s time to move the story onward. With no new arc starting, this episode takes an opportunity to explore just how brutal the academy is. So, I’ll take this opportunity to try something a little different, and do a “10 Things I think” for this week’s episode.

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Kill la Kill Episode 3

Kill la Kill - Episode 03 - 01

So in my last post, I somewhat lamented how the lack of wearing clothes, stylized or not, was at the forefront of the show. It felt up to this point that it was over done and without a higher purpose. But that changes in this episode, in a fairly dramatic fashion. While I can’t tackle this subject with any philosophical dialogue, I highly recommend you read AJtheFourth’s latest KLK post. Her comparisons of Japan’s culture of shame and modesty to this show and Go Nagai is an enlightening read.

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Kill la Kill Episode 2

KILL la KILL - 02 - Swooningly Sexy 01

After that first episode, this series warranted some extra attention. Despite some concerns on my part, I dove right into this next episode with much anticipation. While the episodes was still good, it still presents a set of concerns that will be hard to overlook.

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Quick Thoughts–Galilei Donna

[HorribleSubs] Galilei Donna - 01 [720p].mkv-00_10_01-00053

So, I came into this show knowing next to nothing. The preview was done by Sabas and CrazyDave, so I missed out on doing some of the basic who/what research. I like to feel that this left me a clean slate for setting out into the unknowns of a new Noitamina series. And as I watched this episode, I found myself going through a range of thoughts before it was over.

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