End of Journey–Hunter x Hunter

Hunter X Hunter Title Screen

For a second time, Hunter x Hunter was granted an anime adaptation of a long running manga. I had never watched the earlier series, or even delved into the manga, so starting this series left me uninhibited by preconceptions. And for the better part of the last three years, I can safely say that I have been thoroughly entertained by this series. It’s a series that takes you through highs and lows. And all the time, it sticks to it’s one unifying theme.

For those unfamiliar, Hunter x Hunter follows the journey of Gon, a young boy, and his journey to find the father that left him at an early age. It’s this coming of age journey that weaves a fantastic story. Each step in the journey brings Gon one step closer to finding his father. But the journey is second to a much bigger theme: Relationships.

It’s the relationships that Gon builds as he undertakes his journey that define this series. At each step of the way, his youthful exuberance attracts people to him.  From his first steps off his home islands, to the point of him finally reaching his dad, the relationships his builds define his journey and both its trials and accomplishments. There are just too many moments where the writing and direction will tug at your emotions, drawing you into the characters.  I can honestly say that there way never a point where I considered dropping this series. While many long running shonen series have left me feeling apathetic about the next episode, this series maintained it’s hold on me.

And now it’s over. It’s 148 episodes seamlessly blended together each week, taking us on a fantastic ride. While the episode count may seem intimidating, you’ll not be disappointed with this series. On my scale of “Approval, Ambivalence, and Disapproval”, this show get’s a resounding rating of Approval. It’s one I’m glad I saw through, and I know many of you will as well.

Hunter X Hunter Looking to the Horizon

3 thoughts on “End of Journey–Hunter x Hunter

  1. megaroad1

    Have not seen this because the art style convinced it was clearly meant for a younger demographic, but so many people whose opinion’s I respect tell me it’s a great watch that I might have to do so now. It’s just a daunting task at a 148 episodes. That’s longer than Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I’ll agree on the art style. It would definitely appeal to a younger audience. But that thought quickly goes away with the first violent action scene. But the shows has some cross generation appeal that even an older audience can enjoy. 148 episodes is daunting, but in small chunks a week, should go by quickly.


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