UQ Holder chapter 003

Akamatsu, please, all these traps…

UQ Holder ch.3 splash

Since we’re down to 19 pages, it looks like Akamatsu is settling into that weekly grind. Not a lot is going to happen each chapter so I probably won’t be writing a post for every chapter. The same holds for the third chapter, so instead I’ll comment a bit on genders. Oh boy. I remember falling into this pit of crocodiles before.

In chapter 2 we see Shinobu. It is generally assumed Shinobu is a girl (girly name, girly physique). Now, it’s a lot easier in Japanese to speak with gender neutral terms, but to go through lengths to stay gender neutral is still a suspicious flag.

In chapter 3 we have Kuroumaru. Contrasted with the previous chapter, gender identity is a big deal here. Kuroumaru explicitly calls himself a male, gets mad when he’s suspected of being a female. Now, there’s little we can do but to accept his word on this. Since it’s Weekly Shonen, we’ll never get to see the D. I do like to think that, just like with Sunrise deaths, anything is possible until we see a penis.

UQ Holder ch.3 ToutaxKuroumaru

Shipping note. Kuroumaru is basically Setsuna 2.0. Touta may be related to Konoe and thus to Konoka. ToutaxKurou is definitely my running ship at the moment. Ah but KurouxTouta might be good too. End shipping note.

So what do you think? Boy? Girl? Futa? Demonoid? Android? Remember, anything is possible until we see a penis. Let your imagination run loose.

2 thoughts on “UQ Holder chapter 003

  1. Lorhand

    As suspected, the Shinmeiryuu swordsman is the next introduced character.

    I don’t really care about genders, but I in general dislike it, if the author wants to keep it ambiguous. It doesn’t serve any purpose, but to rile the fans up. It doesn’t help that Kurou is using “boku”. For now, I’ll refer to Kurou as “he” because that’s what is officially assumed.

    But just for the fun of it, I’ll say Shinobu is a boy and Kuroumaru is a girl, despite the name. Akamatsu just wants to troll everyone.

    What I’m more interested in is Kurou’s connection to immortality. Is he already immortal or will he become one in the next chapters? Because I don’t know any other way surviving something like getting impaled by Eva, unless he used a trick like a shadow clone or whatever.

    1. Numbers and Space Post author

      I’ll say Shinobu is a boy and Kuroumaru a girl. It’s definitely more fun that way.

      If Kuroumaru turns immortal in the next chapters I think he’ll also be well on her way to becoming a steady partner. I think it’s a bit too soon for something like that to happen, but we’ll see.


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