Pixiv Picks – The World God Only Knows


Artist: ピロ水

For those that know me and Azeriraz, you know that we love Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai, aka The Word God Only Knows. At the very least, enough to name our manga podcast after it. For those that don’t know of KamiNomi…well then shame on you, stop reading this post and go read the manga!

While I’ve sadly fallen behind on this seasons anime outside a very small handful that includes; Gatchman, Servant x Service, and Railgun, I have been managing to keep with a good portion of my manga reading. And while the current arc hasn’t been quite living up to the bar that the Goddes Arc set, (not that anything can top that) it has been interesting enough to keep me coming back each week to see what happens next. And so without further ado, please enjoy my pixiv picks for KamiNomi (PS Haqua is best girl).

Artist: アキ

Artist: Kasami

Artist: カントク

Arist: サレコウベ

Artist: キグナス

Artist: b@じきゅうじそく

Artist: れい@2日目 セ-16a

Artist: 伍長@ティア欠席

Artist: にょこ

Artist: 梧桐

Bonus Hanakana:

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