Pixiv Picks – Railgun


Artist: こうこ

Its a been a while since I’ve posted one of my Pixiv Picks posts. Between spending 6 weeks in Japan and then starting work a week or so after words I haven’t really had all that much time. Heck I haven’t even watched anime for about 2 weeks and am behind on pretty much everything…that is other than one show. That show being one of my favorites, Railgun S2.

I’ll be frank, I love pretty much everything from the Index/Railgun universe (minus Index herself). I was reading the LN’s for a while, and I am currently reading the Railgun manga. For those that were following me before Idolmaster aired, you would know my previous avatar’s were of Last Order x Accelerator, and then Misaka. A fun fact about me is that my love for seiyuu Satou Rina stems from her role as Misaka. Misaka is one of my all time favorite anime/manga characters. And with that, please enjoy some Pixiv Picks.

Artist: いのいち

Artist: DSマイルくん


Artist: 刃天

Artist: 松竜

Artist: ひろ

Artist: フカヒレ

Artist: 小強

Artist: nauribon

Artist: 暗猫

Artist: tkan

Artist: サト

Artist: 茶みらい


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