Summer season week 3 roundup

gatchamancrowds ep3 crossdresser

Good morning everyone. It’s 30C outside (86F) and the fires of the barbecues are lighting up: summer is upon us and we nerds sit inside and watch anime. Each week a different author does a weekly roundup of what they watched. So, without further ado, here’s week 3 (15/07 – 21/07) of the summer season.

watamote-02I’m not planning on sticking with the Watamote anime because I’m already reading the manga, but just for the sake of it I checked it out. The pacing in the anime feels a little slower and it’s not really working for me. I do love the manga though. Last week, Joe called it a “dark comedy”, but I see it mostly as just dark. The sheer depravedness is what makes me cringe and makes me keep on reading. Anyway, It’s still paced as a comedy so the contents are not that interesting to talk about. This week in the anime saw a new character introduced, Yuu-chan, Kuroki’s friend from middle school, who serves as a contrast to Kuroki. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself.

free ep3Free also introduces a new character, Ryuugazaki Rei, a track club member and now the fourth member of the swimming club. I’m enjoying the series about as much as I thought I would, which is to say I’m enjoying it a lot. Now, I’m not gay, but I definitely would eat the sushi off of those abs. In particular enjoyed the NagisaRei ship this week. “Please take responsibility, Nagisa-kun.” Kyaa!

P.S. I’ve been hitting the gym lately and one day I too will have someone fawn over my muscles. *flex*

railgun ep15Railgun is finally at that point where we get to punch Accelerator and it feels good. We’re completely into Index territory right now and with it comes some pseudo science with plasma and interrupting calculations using reverse rotating windmills. But who really cares? Shoryuken!

gatchaman crowds ep3The second episode of Gatchaman Crowds was incredibly interesting. It’s turning its own  superhero concept on its head. Who is this enemy they’re fighting against? Do we really need superheroes when we can do so much ourselves? I have a big fondness for series where the hero-villain parts are grey instead of black and white. Hajime is a great main character in that she has the sensitivity to feel these discrepancies and is straightforward enough to ask these questions. I really wonder where they’re intending to go with Gatchaman Crowds, but so far I’m hooked.

kinmosa-ep3Kinmosa continues to raise insulin. There’s another new character, a common sight around second or third episodes, so it’s happening a lot this week. New challenger Karen has arrived, also from England. The rest is just more sugar overdose. The sweetness is so thick that I have a hard time going through it all. Even though I’m enjoying the show a lot, the taste buds demand a bit of variety. Kinmosa reminds me of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee, which was also very much about Japan (though less explicitly so).

kaminai ep3Kaminai breaks the mold in that they kill off a character instead of introducing a new one, which definitely, pleasantly, surprised me. This episode saw the dramatic end of Humpnie Humbert. Killing off important characters is always a favourite of mine. Although it’s somewhat expected in a series that centers around life and death so much, it still hits pretty hard. Particularly well timed after Humpnie’s outburst over being the last human alive. I hope the series keeps it up because I’m enjoying it a lot right now.

nekoshiro ep3Nekomono Shiro continues to… not impress me? I think the show has only increased in derpy faces. I have to repeat, Nekomono Shiro is definitely my favourite out of the novels I’ve read so far. Comparing with how Nise got adapted however, it looks as if Shaft is a bit too busy at the moment. What also comes into play is that I find joy in simply reading Hanekawa’s thoughts in the novel, the anime in comparison cuts a lot of the subtle things I like. Such is the life of an elitist novel reader, woe is upon me. In all seriousness though, I didn’t mind as much for the other novels but I guess this particular one, which is all about Hanekawa’s perspective, is hurt more by it. Of course, I’ll continue to watch because despite all of my whining, I’m still enjoying myself. Still can’t wait for those blurays!

Kimi no iru machi is not worth writing about.

6 thoughts on “Summer season week 3 roundup

  1. Hogart

    Hajime is insufferable. She doesn’t listen, but she always expects others to listen to her. She’s always right. She doesn’t mind doing incredibly risky things on a whim, even knowing they could harm others greatly. And she’s supposed to just be right? That doesn’t fly. Show, don’t tell. Especially with something this preachy and such a dangerously obnoxious character.

    1. Numbers and Space Post author

      I can understand people thinking she’s insufferable. I’m sure if her character existed in real life, I’d think the same. At any rate, I do expect her attitude to backfire at some point. I expect this because Hajime is clearly contrasted to Sugane. I don’t think either attitude is invalid, rather they will learn from each other.

      As for show don’t tell, I think Hajime has shown to be bad with expressing herself, so she just goes out and does it. Is that not the spirit of the saying? A saying I disagree with, frankly, or to be applied under certain conditions.

  2. megaroad1

    As much as I’m enjoying some of the comedic moments of Watamote, sometimes it’s just a bit sad to watch. The MC must be one of the most socially awkward and shy people ever depicted in a work of fiction.

    I’m enjoying Nekomo Shito immensely. IMHO this series is at it’s best when it’s older characters (Hanekawa, Senjougahara) are at the center stage. The dialogue and interplay are much more sophisticated and enjoyable.. I loved in the last episode how Senjougahara manipulated a very dense Karen into doing her will.

    Having said that I do agree with you in that Shaft seems to have saved some money on this one. I wish they had the same level of animation and colour palette that they gave to Nisemonogatari.

    1. Numbers and Space Post author

      I really enjoy such works. I’ve only had the chance to skim through the manga I’ll Give It My All… Tomorrow (俺はまだ本気出してないだけ) but it’s of a similar vein. And perhaps because I have friends who (used to) exhibit those traits.

      My favourite characters are still Gahara, Hachikuji and Tsukihi, in about that order. Hachikuji because of the running gags. 亜美真美た?


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