What makes a Monogatari

My relationship with the Monogatari series is a one-sided long distance relationship at best. As much as I’d like to get closer, the language gap is large, quite large. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get through the difficult Japanese and sometimes I have to admit there will be parts I’ll never understand until a better translator comes by. Unfortunately, good translators are hard to come by and Nisioisin induces translator burnout. To be completely fair, his works are not impossibly difficult to read but translating is another beast entirely. A task I wonder anyone will ever complete.

(By the way. the unofficial Zaregoto translation, after the unfortunate demise of the official one, is going along surprisingly well. I can tell you the translator is lazy but capable.)

It’s fortunate then that the second season of the anime is about to swing by, covering Nekomonogatari Shiro all the way to Koimonogatari. I still can’t shake that icky feeling when they try to shove 6 novels into 26 episodes, but they’ve been doing a good job so far.

Like most people, I started my love with the anime and life went downhill from there on. My summer of 2009 revolved around Bakemonogatari and I can still remember a lot of the lively blog posts from that formative period of mine. Senjougahara fascination, enchanted for a lifetime.

Speaking of formative, Nekoshiro has been the most influential book in my opinion on Hanekawa. Through Bake and Kizu she did not interest me, but the teases in Nekokuro are but a fraction of the wacky zany Hanekawa will display Nekoshiro.

I’ll refrain from spoilers. But I love those spoilers. Look forward to them.

2 thoughts on “What makes a Monogatari

  1. megaroad1

    The relationship between Hanekawa and Senjougahara is for me the most fascinating bit of the series post Bakemono. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing this being developed even more in the course of Nekoshiro.

  2. lvlln

    Nekomonogatari White really is one fantastic piece of work. Amazing job by Nisio doing something so different so late in the series, and doing it very well. I fell for Hanekawa through Kizumonogatari, but this was just a whole other level. And it’s available 100% in English at Baka-Tsuki. The other novels never really match Neko White, but I’m still excited about seeing them animated. At the very least, the next arc, Mayoi Jiangshi, should provide some unforgettable moments.


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