And The Plot Thins – Suisei no Gargantia Episode 12

Suisei no Gargantia 12 Surfing Lobster Revolts

[Suisei no Gargantia Episode 11]

And just like that, Suisei no Gargantia has lost what little credibility and watch-ability this show had left. In all honesty last week, when we out our ending theories out there, I had a slight hope that it wouldn’t come to this. I thought, with only two episodes left, this show just might pull out a great twist, and we’ll all be surprised we doubted it (well, at least somewhat). But, once again, this show takes a bland, generic, sci-fi route, and only disappoints us going into what will probably be an utmost cliché ending.

With all of the hints dropped last week, we do get the anticipated clash of ideals. What little influence Gargantia had on Ledo takes root, and he’s off and fighting the commander and his ideals of a greater good. While, on the opposite front, Pinion and the Surfing Lobster wage war against the communist religious zealots. I guess this is where I’m supposed to say that this fight is representative of the fight hundreds of years before between the humans and evolutionists. That the conflict still crosses time and space, bringing a class of ideals wherever it goes.

But I feel nothing for this conflict. I honestly couldn’t care who wins. Ledo’s character has been so fluid in it’s mission, that for all I know, he’ll join the Hideauze once this fight is over, and destroy what’s left of humanity on Earth. The writing has done his character such a disservice. And for that matter, all the characters. Their personalities are only as deep as the digital ink used to create them. And the worst of them is Amy. Her character has been almost relegated to a meaningless speedbump on Ledo’s journey of conflict.

And the punchline of this show being the robot reaches a certain level of sentience by imitating it’s pilot, and carrying on it’s mission from the Human Alliance is laughable. No one could think of a better story than that? But, it fits right in with the retread writing this show has done to this point. Why stop now?

I know this has come off as a rant, and for that, I apologize. But my disappoint in this show will only be abated once it reaches it’s conclusion this week. In a season where we were blessed with three mecha series, I would have never guessed that Majestic Prince, by studio Dogakobo, most notable for Yuri Yuri and Myself; Yourself,  would produce a such a solid show. And conversely, watch Gen Urobuchi and associates completely destroy another. It just goes to show you never know what’s going to happen.

7 thoughts on “And The Plot Thins – Suisei no Gargantia Episode 12

  1. medievalotaku

    Wow, I felt that this show was rather average, especially in terms of character, but I find myself rather enjoying themes concerning what is the goal of being human and the dignity of man. But, I was in the mood for a mediocre show or that I like the trope of a hero becoming more human through interaction with others that much.

    And, you are the third blogger I’ve read to recommend Majestic Prince. I’ll have to watch it!

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      It is average. Average characters, average plot, average twists. Average, average average. Nothing distinguishable, nothing notable. They even take a plot line that could be better than average and decimate it as well.

      Yes, Majestic Prince is a fun show to watch. It’s comfortable in what it is, they put in some interesting character devices that make you feel for the characters, and the story is enjoyable. Is it a work of art? Not by any means. But do I wait each week to watch it. Yes I do.

  2. donkangoljones

    Well I wouldn’t go as far as you in my regards to my feelings towards this show. But I will say that any of us who have watched enough sci-fi genuinely feel your pain. From 2001 to Terminator to iRobot to now, we’ve seen the rogue A.I./HAL 9000 situation play out again and again. I was really hoping this would boil down to a conflict of the stagnant and the evolving (pun intended). I held out hope that Kugel would be alive, and delusioned by his power and his almost robotic upbringing in the Alliance. That would make him a quality, relatable antagonist. Now there’s no one to blame or feel sorry for, just an empty shell that ‘s gone one step too far in supporting its pilot.

    Oh Japan, stop trying to make robots human and work on your human characters…

    Dammit! Now I’m ranting!

    1. Jeroz

      And serious, where does the notion of “that for all I know, he’ll join the Hideauze once this fight is over, and destroy what’s left of humanity on Earth.” came from? He left the two sides that were in the war, and joined the third that is known as Earth.

      The fight does not represent the stupid war that started ages ago, it showed the Earth’s resistance against those two sides from having their influence laid on them again. Those who are left on earth are those that didn’t join the two sides, and they do not wish to be part of it again. They fight for humanity, not against it. Or are you seriously suggesting that GA policy is more human that Gargantia?

      This show is about Ledo finding his own feet, think for himself, live a proper life, after exercising out those demons in his past. The sci fi aspects are just side materials.

      1. JoeAnimated Post author

        yes, when I ran’t, I can exaggerate and get a little factious. But, it’s my blog, and if I want to say outlandish things, then I will.

        I understand the plot is about Ledo trying to find himself. At any time, did you feel like it properly executed that goal? Did we ever see his character grow in the previous 11 episodes. Sitting around complaining that he’s a soldier and knows nothing more than fighting is not character growth. Treated like Amy’s pet project is not character growth. Being shocked about a past that was hidden from him is not character growth. And all of a sudden, in episode 12 of 13, where he “exorcises his demons”, and finally grows a back against what he thought was his former commander, do we see a slight measure of change of character. Where he finally realizes that there just might be more to life that riding around in a giant robot and pretending to be a soldier. It’s all a bit late in my book.


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