The Truth Behind the History – Suisei no Gargantia Ep 9


[Suisei no Gargantia Episode 8]

After last week’s departure, we find ourselves with Ledo and Pinion on the hunt for Whalesquid/Hideauze and treasure. As expected, Ledo dives into combat with reckless abandon, with Pinion backing him up with riches in his eyes. With each moment, their plan of attack is ruthless executed. But when Ledo enters the underwater facility, he finds more than just his enemy. He finds his past. And it’s nothing like he expected.

In the central part of the facility, Ledo and Chamber uncover an information cache. It’s made up of news reports, logs, documentaries, and so forth. It’s a snapshot in time of Earth right before the ice age covered the surface. The leaders at the time knew something had to be done. But  a conflict arose about what could be done to save humanity.[UTW-Vivid]_Suisei_no_Gargantia_-_09_[h264-720p][7B0ADA1C].mkv-00_15_25-00064

A group of people formed a lab with the sole purpose to  rapidly evolve humanity to live among the stars. By combining mechanical and biological engineering, a symbiont was created to bond human and animal, creating a new creature capable of living in space without the need for a controlled atmosphere or ship. if you guessed that this results in the creation of the Hideauze, you’d be right. The conflict begins when those that oppose this forced evolution work to destroy it. The conflict rages on Earth and in space alike.


It’s no surprise however that we find that the general populace has been kept oblivious to this history. And by Chamber’s initial refusal to show Ledo the recordings, it may even be a state secret. It’s an ideological war start hundreds of years before, where neither side knows what their fighting for, or even why it started in the first place. And this revelation to Ledo begins to tear his mind apart. Who is his enemy? If the Hideauze are a cousin of sorts, why are they fighting? The struggles he’s faced until know are only being amplified.


This was the episode this show needed. We had a similar information dump in From the New World, that had the same effect. It kick started the characters, and by proxy our, understanding of this world, it’s history, and the conflict that rages in it. But with this information dump comes questions. We have just 4 more episodes. What path will Ledo take? is the wormhole gate still in orbit around Earth? Will there be a lasting peace on earth between the remnants of the evolvers and the humans? Episode 10 starts us down the path to, what is hopefully, and epic conclusion.


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