Weekend Reading – Sabas Hijack

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara

新連載はじまります by 凪庵 on pixiv

Sabas here! It’s been a while since our last weekend reading, so I compiled a few items worth checking out.  Usually Weekend Reading is usually focused on one or two particular manga, but I decided to do things a bit differently by putting the spotlight on a few blog posts, a visual novel, and two manga.


Mondaiji Z – Wait, Z?! Yes, Mondaiji has a manga adpation and it is just as fun as the anime. Kurousagi still despairs as the Problem Children cause mayhem in the Little Garden without a care in the world. Picking fights with strangers at bars to get information? Check.  A gift game involving rabbit meat? Check. Shape-shifting clowns? Check. Shiroyasha sexually harassing Kurousagi? Check.  So if you enjoyed the anime like I did, the manga is definitely worth checking out.


Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara – Hatate Souta has a unique ability to see “flags”. Basically, he can tell when a significant change is happening with a person. Death, love, friendship, etc. However, because of his unique gift, he tries to keep a distance from other people. One day someone finally notices his actions. Hi jinx ensue when he expands his circle of friends and love interests.  Illustrated by Nagian, this manga and its characters are adorable.


Dra+Koi – What do you get when you combine dragons and love? A wonderfully crazy, romantic visual novel by Nitro+. It’s fairly short and definitely worth checking out. I can’t recommend this title highly enough. Oppai is Justice, run by the delightfully interesting Kastel, has a post highlighting on what makes it such a great read.

Oreimo. Episode 3  –  Saori’s a fascinating character and I’m glad they took the time to focus an episode on her.  Schneider over at Continuing World takes a look at Saori’s backstory in the context of loneliness and being an otaku.

Hear about Kyoto Animation’s newest anime? Yuyucow has a guest post over at The Vanishing Trooper Incident dispelling some myths about the studio and how that particular anime came about.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Reading – Sabas Hijack

  1. foshizzel

    Woooooot Mondaiji manga?! Sounds like my kind of thing and I will check out Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara, but I don’t really follow visual novels so I have to pass on Oppai is Justice xD

    1. Sabas Post author

      Hope you enjoy them. Shame you won’t check out Dra+Koi, it’s crazy fun. Do check out Oppai is Justice though, Kastel has some great posts about mahjong and a bunch of other stuff. :3


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