Anime Talk Episode 46

So this week, Joe and Aeroblip team back up, despite technology trying to bring us down. We run through a lot of anime news, licensing announcements, sales figures, ongoing impressions of this season’s anime, and the Word Up! game. So come check it out!

Download the podcast: Anime Talk Episode 46

0:00 Welcome
0:30 Industry News
Sailor Moon Delayed
From D-Mails to Dollars: Steins;Gate Movie
Yamato Getting Worldwide Release
More Anime Getting Licensed
Little Witch Academia Popularity
Help Needed for Titan Anime
Idolmaster iOS Game
KyoAni New Project (now known as FREE)
23:00 Bluray Sales
25:00 Best Mecha Show of Spring Season
30:50 Word Up!
42:50 Final Thoughts

1 thought on “Anime Talk Episode 46

  1. Ithekro

    Confirmation: Space Battleship Yamto 2199 Blu-rays have English subtitles and are Region Free straight from Bandai Visual. I own Chapters 1 – 4 already straight from Amazon Japan. It was one of their selling points from the offical website They are sort of expensive. At the exchange rate they are about $60 a disc, plus shipping.

    The DVDs do not have English subtitles and are Region 2. The DVDs are slightly cheaper, but are region specific and have no subtitles.


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