Where an End, is Just the Beginning–Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 10-12 END

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Everyone on a Hill

[Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Post Series]

The last three episodes of this series have found itself in an interesting position. Our chief plot driver, Demon King, has been removed from the world stage. All of the wheels she has set in motion are turning faster than ever. Without her influence to act as a brake and hold things to together, those that she has instructed are left to hold task. But will it be enough?

These three episodes work to show just how much of an effect, in two years of plot time, the Demon King and Hero have made. As we start Episode 10, we see the fallout of the great speech from Big Sister Maid. Those at the bottom rung of society have begun to realize that they don’t have to be the lowest. That the levels above them are built on their backs. At the same time, her speech has essential started a religious revolution, creating a schism much like our protestant revolution. And in much like that revolution, the Holy Light Church will stand idly by as it’s influence, wealth, and power are chipped away as people realize that don’t need it’s overriding influence. And as the printing press aided in information dissemination in our world, so does it in the anime as well.  And as the Hero foretells, the Merchant Alliance navigate and move themselves into a more influential position. With a final declaration of war from the North on the South, episode 10 ends in a precarious state.

As episode 11 rolls around, we find war all fronts. The Northern Nations are started a fight on two fronts. The Demons advance from the south. And the Merchant Alliance is waging and economic war against everyone. Ultimately, it was inevitable. With change, comes disagreement, with disagreement comes conflict. it’s a never ending cycle. But as the Demon King as been working towards, the conflict does not have to be a war and loss of life. But until that is realized, the Southern Triad is forced to defend themselves on all fronts. But, it’s not necessarily a conflict they will lose. And as for Demon King, her own conflict is coming to a head. Her attempts to maintain herself in the face of an onslaught of demon lords past has been a losing battle so far. And the cost of her losing that fight will have grave consequences for not only the Demon realm, but Human as well. So what will happen?

As the series concludes, we find a world that is essentially thrown into chaos. While outright war is avoided, the seeds of a greater conflict are at hand. The Central Church conspires with one of the greater races in the demon world. The Demon King herself has to find a way to change 20 years of hatred in her own land. And in the end, all we’re left is a lack of conclusion. These 12 episodes are relayed a story that shows how change can occur when a sufficient force is applied. It’s unfortunate that this series didn’t run long enough to see this to it’s conclusion. There is so much more to tell, and maybe someday, we’ll see it.


So, since the series is over, I’m going to take one final look back at what I liked, and didn’t like about this series. As they say, hindsight is 20/20

Liked – The mix of economics, agriculture, science, and politics. I’m appreciative of a show that steps outside the norm, and tries something different. It’s not a high school harem comedy, not a big boobie fighting show. It’s more like getting a history and economic lesson at times.

Disliked – The two strong female leads turning to bumbling fools at the sight of the guy they like. It’s a complete disgrace. Where there was an opportunity for a halfway decent representation of mature romance, this show throws it out the window for the sake of cheap comedy.

Liked – The art style of the series. I enjoyed the backgrounds and scenes being drawn in a watercolor style. It give’s it an almost antique feel that makes the series pleasant to watch.

Disliked – Leaving out critical elements of the story.never take the time to explain how the Demon King is so smart. They ignore the contributions of Hero and forget to tell the part the story most relevant to him.

I would encourage you to read the manga, it goes quickly, and is well worth it. I would rate this anime with an “Ambivalence” rating, on a scale of “”Approval, Ambivalence, and Disapproval”. I didn’t like it as much as the manga adaptation I read, but it’s not terrible either. I am hoping that we get a second season of this to see the story to it’s conclusion.

4 thoughts on “Where an End, is Just the Beginning–Maoyuu Maou Yuusha 10-12 END

  1. megaroad1

    I agree on most of your points. Specially on how badly handled the romance part was. I get the feeling that they’re hoping that this does well to have a second season?

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      From what I’m gathering, the sales have been poor. If the were depending on that, then it might never happen. I wouldn’t mind finding a copy of the translated LN and see where the story goes.

  2. donkangoljones

    You’d think the love triangle in this show would be dead given how dedicated Hero has been to Demon King. But no, should there be a second season they’ll drag that out again. Times like this I wonder why I expect basic levels of maturity from most anime.

    As for the rest of the series, it threatened to be boring, and dropped at one point. But like you I really appreciated the academic aspect of it. The importance put on knowledge and the pursuit of it. And I greatly appreciated scenes like Demon King and Hero’s moonlit dance, and Big Sister Maid’s speech under public torture.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      The show had moments of genius. But combined with poor story telling and source adapting, it really just didn’t hold up. Maybe we’ll get a second season, but if sales stay low, I would seriously doubt it.


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