An Intro to the Pretty Cure Franchise

Pretty Cure All-Stars  Movie

When people think of magical girls, transformation scenes, and the power of friendship, the first anime that comes to mind for most, whether they realize it or not, is Pretty Cure. But there’s more to Pretty Cure than you realize. For this special podcast, I’m joined by Krizzly, the owner of Cure Blogger, and the unofficial authority of everything Pretty Cure. Come listen in!

In conjunction with this post, I recommend reading What’s Your Starter Precureat Cure Blogger. Krizz has done a great job in putting together a formula for helping you choose which series to start with.

An Intro to Pretty Cure Download

Precure All Stars DX - Movie

2 thoughts on “An Intro to the Pretty Cure Franchise

  1. foshizzel

    Awesome recording! Yes bow before the PreCure Mastaaar Krizzlybear~

    One Piece is still going strong! About 700+ manga chapters and 589 anime episodes xD

    I loved Heartcatch because I love the animation and character designs and of course the characters themselves are amazing to watch and I am catching up on Fresh PreCure with my brother along with yes 5, but I didn’t really get hooked on Precure until Smile! That and Doki Doki Precure is keeping me addicted.

    Fav Cure = Yayoi of Smile Precure she was a lot of fun to watch 😉

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