Anime On The Clock – Episode 8

Akira is on vacation this week, but that doesn’t stop us from terrorizing the internet again! My good friend Lerxst stands in for Akira today as we debate about the moe.

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01:24 Five Good Minutes — SHAFT vs. Kyoto Animation
06:38 The Return of Toonami
08:44 Media Blasters Abandoning Licenses
11:03 Role Playing Games
Akiyuki Shinbou
Aya Hirano
Papa Namba
Akane Isshiki
Yukari Akiyama
Makoto Kenzaki
15:23 Swimming and Moe Culture
18:36 The Future of Idolmaster
22:00 Omake
Return of Gonzo?
Imouto Cafe
Sakurasou staff will be at Sakura-con
Hayate no Gotoku

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